A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown: Back & Forth (Part 1)
Danny Brown: Hello. My name is Daniel

A$AP Rocky: And my name? My name is Taylor to the motherfucking Swift, n***a.

AR: What's your favorite kind of bitch to fuck?

DB: A nasty bitch. That likes anal, with some pretty feet.

AR: Yo, you like sucking toes, n***a?

DB: Yeah, I suck on some toes.

AR: [Laughs] You a nasty n***a.

DB: I like spitters, like a lot of spit.

AR: You like squirting bitches?

DB: That shit smell like pee the next morning.

AR: That shit has pee in it. I think it is pee.

DB: It's fun, but it ain't cool to wake up cold in a puddle. But that's tight. I got a question: you ever fuck a bitch off Twitter?

AR: N***a, hell yeah, n***a. [Laughs] Hell yeah I fucked a bitch off Twitter, n***a. I fuck bitches off Twitter. I like Facebook bitches better though.
DB: Why is that?

AR: Cause Facebook bitches is more personal, see with Twitter you only get the option of recent photos and they icon, little avatar thing. With Facebook, you get to look through all they photos, they photos from last year--

DB: This is true--

AR: They current photos, you get to see if they really got a fat ass or not. That's why Facebook bitches is better than Twitter bitches.

DB: This is true. My Facebook not popping cause I don't know [laughs]

AR: You change your picture yet?

DB: Nah.

AR: See, that's what it is. They seeing the old picture, you gotta show 'em that you still relevant. Show 'em that you still on that Facebook wave. You feel me?

DB: I gets no bitches on Facebook.

AR: I gets no bitches on Twitter.

DB: Nah, on Twitter you got a million fucking followers, n***a. How you get no bitches on Twitter?

AR: I got like ten thousand followers. Yo, what's the funniest thing you did since you been out here in Barcelona?

DB: I did molly. Pure. Cause back home, the molly back home is just like pure powder and shit. This shit was like crystals, like fucking birthstones. I ain't never seen no shit like that.
AR: You do molly all the time, n***a. What's so special about--

DB: That shit was fun as hell, cause that shit just kicked in like boom. Like usually that shit just guide a n***a, you know you just start feeling good for no reason. You start feeling happy, you know what I'm saying? It wasn't like that last night. I was high and I was chilling then the next you know, that shit was like boom, n***a. I just felt like I smoke a thousand blunts. I just started, just like finger rolling with the bitch like damn, you know what I'm saying? I just start to feel a way when I'm singing that sex on the beach.

AR: [gets handed a drink] Thank you kindly.

DB: So what's the biggest thing you hate about being in the music industry?

AR: Biggest thing I hate about being in the music industry is fake ass n***as popping shit that I can't get to. That's goin' be all the time. That's goin' be the regular.

DB: That's goin' be the least, the least.

AR: Nah, that shit irk the shit out of me cause it's just like so much little fat bitch ass motherfuckers that's like popping shit, like just like going crazy life.

DB: You know what I hate the most?

AR: What?

DB: I hate all the old n***as that don't realize they job over with. Even though I'm a old n***a too. [Laughs] But they still be tryna like--

AR: You mean n***as that been here prior?

DB: Yeah, man. Like c'mon, man.

AR: Nah, I'mma come clean, what I really hate about the music industry for real is like: I got so much bitches and I don't even know what to do with all of them It's like: Too old bitches, bruh.
DB: It's like that Tela song, "I'm so tired of balling cause it's too many bitches on my dick/ Never heard a player say nothing like this."