A$AP Rocky X RiFF RAFF - Back & Forth (Part 1)
A$AP Rocky: Yo, what's up, motherfuckers? This is Rick James, and I'm kicking it with my boy...

RiFF RAFF: Jody Highroller, chain colder than North and South polar.

AR: [laughs]

RR: What they want? What they was asking? They alright? They good? [To cameraperson] The camera froze up. Fuck around and cause a freeze frame.

AR: You know what my first question to you is?

RR: Wha?

AR: Who is RiFF RAFF? For the people.

RR: Shh, I'm still figuring that out myself.

AR: [laughs]

RR: Really, to be honest with you. That's like me asking A$AP who is A$AP.

AR: I be like man, he's some jiggy n***a from Harlem

RR: Sky's the limit!

AR: Yeah, true.
RR: I'm just, whatever I looked up to be when I was 3 or 4 years old. And I didn't even know it!

AR: What's that? A rapper?

RR: Not just, not a rapper, ya know I mean? A whole...I can show you better than I can tell you. This ain't no rap. Ya know what I mean? I ain't rappin on this. [holds up shirt] This, like, the neon icon. Some kids or something, they want to put something on their binder [rips off tag]

AR: Oh, they got the sticker as a tag!

RR: Yeah...that's what I mean.

AR: Alright.

RR: You might want to here [puts sticker onto trash] or we got Neff speakers [puts sticker onto speaker]. So he might be in here recording and he be like, damn, me and this motherfucker better do a damn album or tour together. You know what I'm saying?

AR: You know what I feel like? [lighting blunt] A tour with you probably would be the funnest tour.

RR: I would make it the funnest tour.

AR: I know that.

RR: Ain't even a question.

AR: I know that.

RR: [laughs] There'd be no fights in our tour! There'd be a lot of girls, a lot of titties, a lot of neon bikinis, neon bikinis you get in half-price! Man, you wear a bikini to my show! Anything else is uncivilized. You know what I mean?
AR: Now, another question I got for you. What's your favorite type of lady?

RR: [sighs] Butterscotch. I call 'em butterscotch. The girl like, skin so, it ain't no race!

AR: It ain't no race.

RR: It ain't no race! The tone of the skin, I don't care, I don't ask, what is he? White, black, Italian, I don't even ask no more. I just use my eyes, like butterscotch is I'm like, like a magnet. Golden skin.

AR: What's your favorite type of purple drink?

RR: Purple?

AR: Yeah, you know like how you go.

RR: Actavis, gotta be Actavis. The other shit make me throw up, I'm allergic to anything but luxury. Like motherfucker try to have me sit in the car, these motherfuckers tried to have a tour bus with car seats. I was like, you motherfuckers, is this a tour bus or is this a Greyhound and you rented it? Rented a Greyhound. I can't do it.

AR: What would you say...

RR: [Interrupting] We're gettin' high, y'all. Don't even pass the blunt no more, just blow the smoke in my direction.

AR: What word would you use to describe, I guess your hairdos and shit, man?

RR: Versatile. Y'know what I mean? You got long hair too! I mean, I mean, we can perm, I could get the curls, the Shirley Temple curls, I can switch it up, go all...if I wanted to I could fuck around, just get it, y'know what I mean, straight up top, get the super high Bart Simpson/Kid and Play. I can get braids, I can get some A$AP, I might just go A$AP and shoot a movie and then, oh, my name ain't A$AP, my name is gonna be, JA$AP Flocky. And be like, no I ain't copying A$AP.

AR: Didn't somebody already do that to you?
RR: You tell me!

AR: [laughs]

RR: It's better coming from you, I mean.

AR: What's your favorite cartoon, brah?

RR: Damn, Family Guy.

AR: Very rare, very rare.

RR: All I watch is cartoons. I don't even...I try keeping my mind clean, y'know what I'm saying? That don't mean I, if a girl put on a flick that I won't watch it!

AR: Ya, ya, ya, ya.

RR: But it like, horror movies, and shit like that? And like, all that extra ass shit, I like, I just feel no need for it in my brain.

AR: Ya, ya, ya, ya.

RR: I like all up, up going shit.

AR: When I first saw you on TV, I thought you was faking. I thought you was like this crazy white boy, just acting like a fucking crazy motherfucker and shit, right?

RR: Ya.

AR: And then when I met you, I said, this n***a really is a crazy white boy, just acting like a crazy, like, like that's just you. Y'know what I'm saying? Like, I used to, be like, alright, is there just going to be one day where I'm just going see this n***a be on some shit like, "Alright, I'm just playing, guys, I was kidding." But this motherfucker is really from Texas, really do sip drank, he loves caramel bitches, and he loves bright colors for his clothes. Look at the shorts, brah.

RR: No, it goes with the shoes, you seen these ones? Can we cut the lights off, cut the lights off, someone cut the lights off. Someone cut the lights. Cut it off. Cut the lights off, no homo, pause.

[lights cut]

RR: You getting all this? Or is this not it? Can we get the?

Cameraman: It's not showing on mine.

RR: I need uh, really a brighter light. So I can show you this shit. Cuz these motherfuckers glow in the dark.

AR: Yo, this weed is so good. Yo, [to cameraman] are we both in frame?

Cameraman: I've got both of you.

RR: They're gonna draw a cartoon of me later. Put me right here.

AR: Hey, so, uh, where were you born, brah?

RR: Texas. Houston, Texas.

AR: You know what I love about Texas? The culture. I'm into the culture, man. It's like you know how Wu Tang's from New York, Staten Island, but

RR: Somebody else might have kept their...

AR: Nah, they fuck with that Chinese shit, y'know, the fucking...

RR: Ya, ya, ya, they has that.

AR: Shaolin shit...

RR: They use that in their style.

AR: Yeah.

RR: Cuz that's what they, they ain't even trying, that's just what they're attracted to.

AR: For me, I was attracted to the Houston culture, n***a.

AR: What's better than slow music, big fat old bootys, swangin' on fours, hold up, you know, pourin' up a four. On top of that, when you in that zone and everybody in the environment is in that zone, can't nobody kill your high. Can't fuck it up, brah.

RR: Dude, you just in that mode.

AR: Shout outs to that homie Killer Cali. I fuck with Killer Cali. OG Ron C is the homie, brah. Come clean as well.

AR: Do you fuck with any of my music?

RR: Yeah, man. I listen to all that, for sure.

AR: You like any songs in particular?

RR: Particular? Damn, what's that fucking beat? That...[hums]...damn, man!

AR: Is it Pain? Does it go, um,

RR: You know it's like, [hums].

AR: [laughs]

RR: And then they gotta mix the song in! And then they're gonna be like, okay, that's exactly how the beat go.

AR: Wait, which song did you, I don't know what you talking about?

RR: Just now, I had a show in Las Vegas and we were just listening to back-to-back A$AP Rocky. No bullshit, I can't tell you what songs they were, but we're, I ain't, I ain't, I ain't skipped through 'em! Y'know what I mean? I enjoyed it, y'feel me?

AR: For real.

RR: Y'know, you ain't gonna research a motherfucker, like, that's on, I'll leave it on.

AR: No, real shit though, bro. Would you come on tour with me to make me laugh, brah? Like, just, just be you.

RR: Backstage...

AR: Just be you, brah!

RR: That's what I do!

AR: Fuck with me, brah. And just you go in the crowd, get all the bitches,

RR: I do whatever, I do,

AR: Y'know what I mean...

RR: that's me! That ain't no job. That's me, saying, yo, thanks for inviting me, that's what I say.

AR: You know what my favorite freestyle of yours is?

RR: What?

AR: The shit you did in London, with...

RR: When I broke my chain?

AR: Yeah, when you broke your chain! That shit was funny. That was Amsterdam, matter of fact, Holland.

RR: Yeah, Holland.

AR: Yeah, I fuck with Amsterdam. How you feel about Amsterdam, man?

RR: I like it.

AR: You like it? Did you get to fuck with any of the bitches in the glass?

RR: I'm just gonna say that's undisclosed terms. Know what I mean? Undisclosed.