We Interviewed the Shit Out of 50 Cent (Eminem Excerpt)
[Kitty Pryde & 50 Cent]
How do you feel about white girls rapping?
I think it's cool, y'know? Skin color doesn't matter in rap. People get all caught up in skin color and it's not what it's about—
Em is really underrated because people have always been talking about him like, "The WHITE, rapper Eminem" instead of just "the rapper."

You still think he's underrated, even now?
Yeah, because the skin color thing is still there. He has so many skills and he's more hood than so many people out there, people still put the skin color before anything and don't give him enough credit. It's like people saying Elvis Presley was only famous because he was white. He had, y'know, the rhythm of James Brown but he had his own thing. He was Elvis, he wasn't just a white man. Things like that are going to be picked up between black people and white people and anybody, it doesn't mean a person isn't great because they're influenced by something associated with another race. It doesn't matter.