Shy Girls
Arrest Me
[Verse 1: Shy Girls]
You got me tripping on my walk like i'm a novice
Something about you on the top if I'm honest
Running in circles around me cuz you know I love it
The way that you come at me like you got me in the pocket

[Chorus 1: Shy Girls]
I'm gonna let you tie me up tonight
And you'll read me my rights, if that's alright
I'll loosen up your ropes and let you bite
I wanna feel you tight
(Arrest Me)

[Verse 2: Tei Shi]
I got this don't be shy, boy step into my office
I'll put you in your place, keep up the pace
Running in circles around you boy it's not a problem
But if u got 'em I'll solve them

[Chorus Z: Tei Shi + (Shy Girls)]
I'm gonna cuff you up and keep you bound
If you need me to, I can hold you down
I'll let you wear the chains, I'll wear the crown
I wanna watch you fight
(Arrest Me)
[Bridge: Tei Shi + Shy Girls]
Sometimes you need to be bound, you need to be tied down
Sometimes I need to be under I need to be taught how
Taught like the rope I got tying you town
You got me huffing and puffing around
I wanna watch you fight

[Outro: (Shy Grisl) + Tei Shi]
(Arrest Me)
(Arrest Me)
Watch you fight