[Intro: One Be Lo]
Yo, how many people hear they alarm clock go off in the morning
You know what I'm saying
And then you hit the snooze button

It's time to get up
Lotta cats still sleeping out there
Ya know what I'm saying
They not on Subterranean
Watch this

[Verse 1: One Be Lo]
Never denied, better than Clyde, I glide from the three
Third eye verbally I'm certified with the beat
I drop one verse, other cats be rhyming for weeks
I'm thinking if he ever rest I'll be climbing his peaks
Rappers speak about how they packing nines on the beat
Pat him down, that's the clown that be quiet in streets
Ask around, blast around he crying for peace
Ironically I'm getting down five times in the East
Every time I release, classic material
You get a CD for ten but I'll sign it for free
Capitalism, have my children dying for cheese
Damn fashion grand dragon be designing your jeans
Buckle pants sagging Uncle Sam taxing me describing the thief
Bar codes that's the sign of the beast
Now the latest pagan faces be the flyest MCs
Hands shaking like a Mason with the highest degrees
Buzzing off the Vitamin C, no Heineken please
Gifted like the 25th don't have to light up the tree
Right of the free, hip-hop is Private Ryan to me
That means I'm moving up to bank it while you lying asleep
[Hook:Ka Di]
(Wake up)
Mothers crying (Wake up)
Brothers dying (Wake up)
Can you feel me (Wake Up)
I can't make you (Wake up)
When we gonna (Wake up)
Can you feel me (Wake up)
Put your hands up (Wake up)
Make it happen (wake up)

[Bridge: One Be Lo]
Midwest (Wake up)
East Coast (Wake up)
Down South (Wake up)
West Coast (Wake up)
Middle East (Wake up)
Worldwide (Wake up)
Everybody (Wake up)
Everybody (Wake up)

[Verse 2: One Be Lo]
Hard work sweat and bloodstains did it for chump change
I didn't really complain cause it was a love thing
That's when I was a kid black, now I know this fact
That love is gonna get you evicted from where you live at
Home is where the heart is, yours I open with facts
I strike like when I swing first, then you pitch black
Running 'round your diamonds and rings, you thinking baseball
You in the box of unconscious I'm tryna wake y'all
Take y'all from blind vision leave with divine wisdom
My ride rhythm never side-slippin' my time's tickin'
I flow to the end, used to hang mostly with friends
Now I keep my enemies closer than them
Cause I know how it is when there's fear in the sky
Weather change, hella fangs wanna tear in your spine
I never really trusted cats that couldn't stare in my eye
No surprise yo, even blessings wear a disguise
Sometimes I'm riding in the hood, me and my man saw
Some big teeth, hands and feet, yo that ain't grandma
Big chains, cars and clothes, yo that ain't hip-hop
Spit your flow backwards huff and puff your blush but
You still ain't big or bad enough to blow up my bridge spot
Excuse me if I'm on some rude shit but fuck the flip-flop
Just chilling, building even at your show my hands deep in the pocket
Like Doug Williams cause y'all wasn't thrilling
[Hook:Ka Di]

[Bridge: One Be Lo]