[Intro 1]
Should I enjoy my time in know, real life in person right now and then take a picture after, or should I take a picture and send it to a hundred thousand of my followers so we can all enjoy this together?

[Intro 2]
How do we as a culture begin to address boys and girls needs for deeper connection, and not see social networking simply surface wise as the solution?

[Intro 3]
What is kind of that point when we go from being just a regular kid using it, to being someone who kind of has this micro-fame or micro-celebrity?

[Intro 4]
How are they going to turn out when they're forty? How are they going to communicate when they're fifty? Will my followers want a picture of this?

[Verse 1: Omen]
Say my name, Elephant Eyes, perfection is mine
They say I've been killing verses, well I confess to the crime
Since a youngin' I been dreaming about being rich and famous from entertainment
I guess we all have cause nowadays nothing's sacred
It's blatant, you smoke your weed, pop your molly
Probably nothing compared to what i be on with my colleagues
I'm addicted to this drug called attention and I ain't flinching
'Til I catch your interest and I'm mentioned
I'll tell you everything if you're really willing to listen
Even show you my pictures if you just follow my Twitter
Promise you that I'm clever, promise you that I'm deeper
Promise you that I'm better, I promise you I'm a keeper
Socially, I was hoping you'd notice me
I openly show you all of myself
And expose of me, use myself as a tabloid
Trivial details, I share through my Android
Treat me like a star, or at least like a asteroid
[Hook 1: Omen (CJ Hamilton)]
They love me
(Woo n***a) They love me (look at this, look, look, come here, come here)
You see, they love me
(N***a what that say?)
(A hundred and ten retweets n***a)
Why do they love me? (and most of them bitches boy)
They love me (look, look, she favorited it, mmm well, she bad as hell, follow)
They love me (Boy, mans, check your Twitter n***a)
You see, they love me (Instagram, Facebook)
Why do they love me?
(N***a I was the first ever to fuck a white bitch off Black Planet, n***a)

[Verse 2: Omen]
Yeah, I need more, I need to be televised, I need to be recognized
My demons get exercised in front of the public, say I'm dumb and repugnant
But that's just rubbish, they love it, tell me what's the discomfort
Jealous because of my budget, tune into my reality
You witness my vanity, my pain and my agony
Emotional travesties are just part of my strategy
Give me ratings, you notice more I'm gaining financially
Now my name is in the papers, got my face up on your blog
Finally I'm famous and they treat me like a star
They thought I'd naturally fail, told me I had no talent
But personality sells, why you worried about skill?
As long as youre talking, you notice me, give me attention
That's all that I wanted, you put me on the screen
What you expect, I'mma flaunt it
I see you judging but you watching me
This is ironic, I'm the shit, no Colonic
[Hook 2: Omen (CJ Hamilton)]
They love me
(N***a, look at these likes my n***a)
They love me (look, come here, thirty-seven)
You see, they love me
(In three fucking minutes my n***a, and they all bad)
Why do they love me? (see, I don't, I don't go by their personality)
They love me (you see, that's how you end up smashing 7's, you know what I'm saying, I go strictly off of how they look)
They love me (You understand my n***a? And then I DM them hoes)
You see, they love me (And they come to the crib)
Why do they love me? (And we get a movie on Comcast)
(I need a fucking reality show, my n***a)

[Verse 3: Omen]
Yeah, look how I'm living, really, look how I'm living
Addicted to attention, no need for your intervention
My Instagram be popping, just look at where I be shopping
Look at what I be copping, keep liking, I won't be stopping
In the club standing on your couches, I'm buying bottles for my section
Hoping they announce us, bring out the sparklers, please bring out the sparklers
You see that waitress come to my table, I got them talking, they notice that I'm a baller
Sometimes I sit and wonder about this life that we're pursuing
Are we headed for our ruin, my generation influenced by attention whores
I'm not exempt at all, I'm in the same boat, you see me with my fishing rod
Up on my Macbook, I'm checking through followers and my retweets
Overdosing on this drug, swear it's got me knee-deep
Fighting to be noticed, give me more exposure
Fastfood focus in this microwave culture
[Hook 3: Omen (CJ Hamilton)]
They love me
(My n***a, when I go to the club my n***a)
They love me (they don't even ask me for I.D my n***a)
You see, they love me
(They know me by my username my n***a, you understand?)
Why do they love me?
(They see that blue check, you know what that mean?)
They love me (I'm verified my n***a)
They love me (and they can verify that I'm verified my n***a)
You see, they love me (Okay, no filter n***a, it's just me, no filter )
Why do they love me?
(You understand? I was talking to these n***as the other day....)

[Outro: CJ Hamilton]
I'm about to get my own emoji n***a
And you know why? Cause we #TeamNoSleep
We grind, they sleep n***a
You understand what I'm saying?
If you even see me blink n***a, shoot me n***a, shoot me
You know what I'm saying?
Hey, hey before you get out of here real quick, man
Uh, make sure you follow me back too, I'm uh...
Holla at me n***a