Tunnel Vision
[Produced by Omen]

[Intro: XV]
And this is what you call
Tunnel vision, tunnel vision
I ain't seeing y'all, this is what I call Tunnel Vision

[Verse 1: XV]
I did it, you dreamed it, now live it, you seen it
I did it, I can’t see a thing with this thing called Tunnel Vision
From life to living, it’s nice but is it ‘cause hoes think I’m like panty hose
Running up in women, it sucks that I’m so driven
And I don’t fucking listen, I got a living room I’ll never live in
Got a home that I’ve never been in, on the throne that you’ll never sit in
Lose sight of my life every night that I get on the mic ‘cause I’m on a mission
I’m falling, mom calling, can’t answer, recording
She says that she thinks I’m a void and I tell her I’m not
Then what do you call it?

[Pre-Hook: XV]
Gone and I ain’t coming home
I know it feels so wrong
I wish that I could see you but honestly, I just don’t
‘Cause I am in my zone
I turn everything off so they ask me what I’m on
[Hook: XV]
And I just tell ‘em Tunnel Vision, Tunnel Vision, Tunnel Vision, Tunnel Vision
I ain’t seeing y’all, this is what I call Tunnel Vision

[Verse 2: XV]
I love her, she knows it, I told her, she just wish I showed her
But I can’t user share my heart and zip it in a folder
Go down her, upload her, my console console her
She says I don’t dial up so why is the connection slower?
Baby, keep your weapon lowered, I used to X and O her
Now she thinks I need my space so I just exit row her
I’m in the sky with a window seat but I don’t know why ‘cause my eyes don’t see
Anything but the dream that I try not to peek but I think I’m falling
She calling, can’t answer, recording, she says that she thinks I’m a void
And I tell her I’m not then what do you call it?

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 3: XV]
I ain’t on a rich high, I am on a po' low
Call that shit my high horse, my life like Hidalgo
All I wanted was vacations where we all go
Now I’m left in places, vacant spaces, where did y’all go?
I’m falling, I’m calling, please answer, I promise
Tunnel Visions keeps me a void and I said that I’m not?
Now what do I call it?
[Pre-Hook 2x]