The Look Of Lust
La-da-da, the look of lust, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Omen]
Pleasure is a must
I'm sleepin' here with lust, scenes of ménages with Asian massages
Sin is the scent of my apartment
She can feel the rhythm as I give her my guitar licks
Mmm... She never knew I was an artist
I play the instrument well in a dark lit room
Please baby-gal don't pause this groove
Ever seen a flower in a darkness bloom?
I know you never have, love
And we all got is lust, we don't have love
I think this song started in the bathtub
Then the melody continued to a back rub
You told me your home-girl can play the sax, love
Well show me if she can play my notes perfectly, you're making me a fan
In between your smiles were the sounds of our whispers
As I'm lookin' down such a bountiful picture
I look at her, then look at you
And both of you make such a beautiful muse for this music
But this is not a Mozart movement, but baby girl keep your composure
I'm not done with composin', it's the look of lust

[Chorus: Shalonda]
The look of lust is in your eyes
A look that you just, can't, can't disguise
[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Say she hate it when I'm super faded
Know that only notice her body rather her conversation
Rushin', lustin' sexual favors when the hours chasing
Midnight at 2 pm, a vampire in Jordan laces
Prey on the blood of the promiscuous
Panties on the premises, pantry full of condoms
Fuck your conscious, let's get intimate
She said, "Baby boy slow down
You know I move with diligence
You think that I'm a ho' now and strip me from my innocence?"
Hmm...She was older, she was colder than the rest of 'em
Lurkin' over my shoulder, temptation getting the best of her
So much...I never knew how to touch a real woman
"Kendrick, I want you to make me feel something."
Pulled down my pants and then she glanced at me with a smirk
Repeatedly shook my hand I said, "What's wrong should I kiss it first?
I can do that I won't complain"
She said, "That ain't a problem I'm wet
But first you gotta fuck my brain like a surgeon
Get your mental working
Like a 9 to 5, before we get it live and close the curtains."
I thought a massage was all I need
Now proceed if it's worth it
Or leave if it's urgent
For you to rendezvous, I know your needs have a purpose
Cause I have feelings too
And you have feelings, but that's only in your teeth when they're hurtin'
I started laughin'
She pulled my card like pitty-pat
Pity the fool for any kitty-kat, it's the look of lust
[Chorus: Shalonda]
The look of lust is in your eyes
A look that you can't disguise
Oh, a look of lust is sayin' so much more than words could ever say

[Verse 3: Omen]
Walkin' through the streets, I met a palm reader
She told me I was wise beyond my years
Says I've been here before, well I guess that I'm just here for more of the lust
Will she keep this on the hush? I like the ones that never blush
Uh-uh, yeah, now you seduced by the serpent
Wine on your lips, I'm close enough to know that that's as fine as it gets
I'm in too deep and I'm divin' for dinner
She lets me know that she's a synchronized swimmer
Blind-folded hecklin', you can't see her
But I'm guessing that she's got the look of lust
Uh-uh, yea

[Chorus: Shalonda]
The look of lust is in your eyes
A look you can't disguise