Look At Me Freestyle
Yeah, TDK
I'm on a different scale
I'm like Chappelle, you n***as is Lil Rell’s
Watch how I give 'em hell
Tryna forgive but shit I remember well
I got a couple plaques
Coupled with couplets that comfortably come at your neck
Stand up n***a, no comedy act
Coming for me and I counter-react with a counter attack
Tryna talk money, that's salary cap
I bring the smoke like Yosemite Sam
N***as is really hilarious, damn
I see my vision as clear as binoculars or cinematographers
Used to be passive and living in camouflage
But now I’m a conqueror
Thеy should've known I was an animal
I'm sort of a mastodon
Every quote I givе you is flammable
The shit ain't no dance along
Late in the night playing “Po-Pimpin”
Crazy how times are so different
Haters is real I write it in braille
Cuz n***as now days got no vision
Sometimes I feel like it's magic
One day just wrote this and did it for practice
I'm hall of fame level talent, no asterisk
Lucky for you n***as I am compassionate
I'm a silent assassin
Masterful craftsman
My daily life is an art binge
This who I am, guess it’s God's plan
Protected, proceed with caution