Flyin’ High
[Chorus: Kwame](2x)
Just as fast as it come it can go
Flyin' high, money right, unstoppable
Just as fast as it come it can go
Young and free, honestly, untouchable

Vizzy, Kwame

[Verse 1: XV]
Look up, look up I'm fly though
Came from the underground like a silo
Chick on my side where I go
Jeans got a brand new stitch, no Lilo
I go everywhere y'all don't
Ya'll won't read the manual, I'm an Autobot
Get in then it auto lock
Or get son'd like I called your pops
Livin' for the life that I'm living in my rhymes
So I'm getting in a rid where the limit is the sky
I'm unstoppabbe, Hoff'll flow like water with a lemon on the side
Flight attendant said put your seat up
Stewardess told me kick my feet up
Fly up and I'm up
Unstoppable and I hope y'all see us

[Chorus: Kwame](2x)
[Verse 2: XV]
I'm at the end of the level
You at the screen trying to cheat when you enter codes
And the kid's so cold it's visible
Knock it out the park and they all screaming "send us home"
So I'm home like street lights when dinners warm
Middle of the map on the center fold, we on
V-I, double Z, Y in the zone, he fly, then he gone
He write when he wrong and I'm
Looking down on my city from the air
Funny how the whole world look like squares
And I was that, now I came back
Where I'm at like boots, you can ask'em that
In the sky like an astronat
Or an astronaut with an Astro hat
I'm a star with it
Came in a space ship, now I'm gone in it

[Chorus: Kwame](2x)

[Verse 3: XV]
They all wonder where he going
There he go when the night start slowing down(4x)
See me around those stars that glowing
All I'm knowing
Is that sky can't hold a n***a like I back
And the cameras on me, you know I chat
Flying high, my n***as know I'm that
They sending postcards [?], when I'm so far
Wiz kid made it out of Oz
This is from a grind so hard
You got no signal, that's no bars
But that's your fault, I got it in
This my song, pop it in
Now we gone like the wind
Flyin' high till the end
[Chorus: Kwame](2x)