10 Million Stars
[Verse 1]
You could call it a comeback
I lay back, analyze the rhymes and realize
I own that crown for lyrical combat
Spit more raps to count more stacks
Kickin' back in the coupe, I got loose, relax
I'm hotness, monotonous fans is runnin' bizzack
"L, please don't leave the game like thizzat"
Never in a million years
L'll never let you down baby
I drop 50, I'm still gravy

[Hook: repeat 2X] (LL)
I look back on Venus
I look (I look) back on Mars
And (and) I burn with the fire
Of ten (of ten) million stars (guess who's back, uh)

[Verse 2]
I'm more then a conqueror
Double up your bets
Come and rumble with the vets
I know you had that clown picked
Mind blowin' out 'cause L still sound sick
He dreamed he was me
I gleam lyrically
I love 'em for it, it's the highest form of flattery
Doin' a buck 10 chrome skating on the battery
My, clutch burnin' on top of the world turnin'
Rappers is just learnin' 'bout stacks I been earnin'
I'm the Uncle L, future of the funk
Turn my joint up, find out why I'm different from all these chumps
And tell your favorite rapper that I'm ready to thump
For real cat, that represented rap from the jump

[Verse 3]
Six figure interest on the cheddar
From music, fashion, film and television
Poppin' Amaretto, so what you got a vendetta?
I never felt better
Now forever competition get severed by skills you can't measure
I'm a champ, you a peon
Kiss the ring, be gone
Known and respected on every block you be on
And be on, stand there, get your md on
I chuckle 'cause it's nothin' to waste energy on
There you have it
The uncut raw for rap addicts
Waited three years to see if L still had it
Ten million stars, got beef to the death
End of my contract, I'm the last one left


[Background: repeat 2X]
L worth paper
Ask Def Jam who put 'em up in that skyscraper
(Yeah, I take them seriously, baby)
Ask my dogs up in old five, who made a major?
LL playa
Now who's next to need a paper, drop a bomb on 'em
[Hook plays]

[LL talking]
I look back on Venus
I look back on mars
And I burn with the fire
Of ten million stars