Born into problems born in to poverty
Pay the haters No attention n***ah they ain’t stopping me
Young rich and famous yeah yeah that’s just what I gotta be
If u ain’t on the same shit lil bitch don’t talk 2 me

Verse 1 (BLUNTS)

Skrrrtt skrrrrtt yeah pull off in the foreign bitch
U don’t catch my attention u a boring bitch
Need a designer hoe Not a Jordan bitch
RKO the pussy call me randy ordan bitch
Yeah yeah Bout run up another Checc
Speaking on my life yours nothing but a wrecc
Spoke on me left my kids in yo girls gutt
Said she Yo baby told me she my Lil Slut
I ain’t future but I put my thumb in her butt
All my nigguhs in the field and the run amuk
Grew up round savages so I learned not 2 give a Fucc
Came up on the blocc that’s 10 toes down
If u a bitch nigguh please don’t come around
Cause my lil nigguhs quicc 2 lay you down
You won’t make a move u won’t make a sound
6 feet nigguh put you underground


Born into problems raised in this poverty
If u don’t want no problems then don’t u try stopping me
I be on the blocc even doe I’m worth half a key
Hit you with a K if u nigguhs try 2 murder me
Never fear no man that can die like me
Look me in my eyes u don’t see no worry in me
I be really with the shits I was born in these streets
Catch yo bitch on the blocc Out here Hoeing for me
Yeah trynna eat so I put food on the table
Mommah wasn’t able
Daddy wasn’t able
Granny wasn’t able
Living life unstable
No lights no cable
Everyday chasing a bagel
Yeah u ain’t gotta feel my pain
Bet u gunna feel them hollows when I let that shit rain
I be really in the field cause I really Gang Gang
Chunking Up a L Gang while I’m waving my thang
It’s Easy