[Verse 1]:

I been rooting for you like foundations of your hair
Deep In the silence of myself like in my cells
I don’t pray, but I been wishing that you make it outta hell
N Break yo shell
But I got way too deep , ain’t seen you in a minute
Building castles
I been
Caught up in a loop like yours
Tryna put the work outdoors
Had to break that glass tryna get at that spot
That we wanted since Superman draws
No sleep, don’t need a rest day
Making dope moves on my worst day
Like a baker cooking, keeping that sabbath
Make that bread, call it body of Christ, on the lords day
Do we gotta go to church right now
Celebrate it
Like the harvest
Nobody could debate it
We been hard, been up and
Coming like this shit just blows all around the clock
And they say you made it when them numbers start to hit the spot
I seen it in ya eyes, n I could feel ya drive, passion never lie, dreaming like a child, working overtime
Checking Options like a thesaurus
Plethora like two dozens
We been upping on performance
Keeping Late nights early mornings


I just wanna say congratulations
I know that you been waiting you been patient
You been working now you made it
So I just wanna say congratulations

[VERSE 2]:

And a lesson from my family, something simple can be special
Be careful how you move coz life’ll push ya
It could be facetious
It could be so precious
Like the parties in 07, eboa lotin, Donny Elwood
At Molyko on the stereo
Abela, Abong, Echina, Echisairi
Your mama born you well
Raise a glass like it’s a million
Like we tryna raise a kingdom
You could find somebody
Or take a chance to be somebody for somebody
Like nobody else
And Just like ms paint it’s hard to get that perfect picture
But I know that you stuck with it your design is getting slicker
And I see you in them pants, that peace of mind
You getting thicker
Love that confidence, you self aware
You glow just like Quasar
Yes You been working hard, you been working hard
Like oh my god
And I’m so proud of you
I told you way back from the very start
Right before the lights and glory
We was young and hungry
Now you made it, I applaud you
I know we could take it further



From Limbe to Yaoundé I salut your hustle fam
I see you in bamenda I know you could be the man
From Tokyo to London
From Chicago out to Stockholm
Out in Lagos to Johannesburg
I see all that you doing