“Cannibal Doctor”
Every single one of ya lines is haphazardous
Hit ya head with the game-point-match-Kadabra shit
Guess I'm Daedalus cause I'm twisting these bars like a labyrinth
Flow so sick it causes the cramps in ya lower abdomen
You keep loosing your bars because I keep out-rapping them
I train all my lines so on my tracks I'm always lappin' em'
All of my opponents are scared to face with me
I got every rhyme and word, list em' from A to Z
I spit oil slick and slip up ya shit fatally
Spitting out rhymes, ya wasting ya time blatantly
You think that you're the boss of this town?
You're just walking around aimlessly
Your flow's scattered over the ground
Your head's only filled with vacancy
I'll kill you without a sound
I'll put you in shackles, it's slavery
Time for you to get wowed
This rapping shit is just made for me
Call me a [superhero] cause I'm taking down the bad guy
I'll eat you up like Hannibal Lecter with these mad eyes
How, in a site that's underground, I'm the only fucking landmine?
Who knew someone could only sell out at half price?
Play you like a video game, now you're down to your last life
Claimin' you got the bread, but I'll slice you up with a rap knife
One weak punch from me is like one of your power slaps thrice
I'll shoot and leave your hip scattered around like mashed rice
I pack a rap syntax with these written raps that I spit and spat
Feel my rippin' wrath, took the slippin' path, leave you hanging back like a Crippin' bat
Now you picking slack, you ain't up in that, I be slipping raps out like dripping wax