Different (Interlude)
Everything that we create
Will  never just fade away
I  don’t recognize myself
I became something I hate
I  don’t really wanna get into it
I’m  just tryna think how the old me would do it
Who are you to tell me I needed to be different?

Run  it back, I don’t wanna change myself
They say I gotta act a certain way to make a sale
Wanna control what I gotta say
And what I’m thinking
Check  yourself, yeah you better check yourself
“Got a bag, but I never sold myself”
Don’t give a damn
I don’t really give a damn ‘bout what ya’ll thinkin’

I could never go and give it up
I want more I never get enough
Can’t be loved for something I am not
So you better watch your mouth now

Where I’m from we don’t ask no questions
We not scared of altercations
A bit hot-headed, we all just tryna make it
Where I’m from we just keep it real
We always say how we feel
And I’m not different
You’re posting pictures on the gram
It looks so good, but life is hell
You don’t recognize yourself
Your shoes look good, but eyes are dead
I don’t wanna go and just keep it up
The reason that I started was always love
I want more I never get enough

They thought I was blind, but I just closed my eyes
I’m not tryna go and be switching sides
When I started getting money, it wasn’t enough
Cuz when the money’s gone, all that’s left is love