Imma Hitta
I'm the hitta imma call you when the job done. If he try and run send his soul to the sunx2 everybody running cuz I brought my gun in
They looking at me crazy and said you bugging
Since you stole the drugs I had to bring the plug in
If you wanna fight we get to swinging punches
Aiming at his leg but I shot him in the stomach
A yo who is that? running that's his cousin
The plug caught him slipping he ain't see it coming
Hit him in the head with the bat cuz he thugging
1 on 1 you talking to a full clip
If I pull back and snap just like a bull whip. Inferred seen em dead yeah I'm on some bullshit
I can let that clip go and I won't miss yo
Yeah yeah, I'm a hitta and I'm with my n***as.x2 my n***as hittas cuz they pulling triggers x2 yeah
I'm the hitta imma call you when the job done. If he try and run send his soul to the sunx2
Yeah we caught him slipping, in the club sipping
He stumble then he tripping calling girls bitches
You know we gotta get him, you know we had to hit him
Knife to the neck or shot to the back
The plug said fuck it thats a shot to the head
Cuz he dead left a n***a red just like dead beef
Now its blood on his sheets Cuz he tried to play
Like a barber with some clippers he tried fade me
But I caught him quick now he laying stiff I want my bread and my pringles cuz I'm stacking chips
I had list then I took em out in a body bag gotta throw em out n***a before the body they rot fast