Just me and losboy
In the stu and we turning up
2 different flows with 20 hoes
We ain't burning up

Got on a verse cause n***as hurd
I ain't doing much
Ap got patron and lemonade
He gon mix it up

We up in this
We bringing pressure
No time for extra
Just got me some gielas
2 foreign sweaters
Im doing better

Baby keep your head up
I said i got them
You know i get them
N***as got me fed up
They did me dirty
You know i dead em
Cause we gon pullup Ina raffe
And i just gave them A taste
How jda came to play

Cause i ain't trying to
Like that shirt he wore
For days
Ima spinnit
And escape yea

He talk alot and
Stayed away
When i slide he
He home alone
A couple days now

Osf and bsa
We gon jack it
So dont start talkin
Out your face now
Im going hard this instrumental
Be Getting scary
He looking spooky
He moving weird wit fake amiris
He think we dum
We throwing bombs
Like hail marrys
Shawty with the white
Got great kitty
No hallie berry

Im looking good im undefeated
Im so conceited
Ain't do you wrong i did you raw
When we had a meat in
We need applause we did a song
Got it completed
We going off the boy is los
No hook is needed

Nah i say fuck that, aiming at your fitted run your pockets where your bucks at, and we take your bitch whip out me dick and i say suck that, let a couple rounds off at your tummy then we dump that, rip to isa now we asking where your runtz at

I got some enemies alive they trynna take my life
They took my blooders and bruvas but it ain't for life
I keep a toolie on the left just to make it right
I go helicopter choppa they gon shoot on
Ima get it how i could and thats by any means
On the block instead of school yeah my friends was fiends
Only man up in the crib im only 17
Momma trynna raise me straight i started sippin lean

Yellow off white diamonds got me feeling pissed off
Walking wit a limp i ain't a pimp i got pistol
Diamonds on my body I’m also rocking these crystals
Every single body fuck with me im too official
I be wit my slimes like im baggy full of tissue
If you be with the opps then we gon we empty out the jistol
Rollin up that zaza wit a little bit of brystal
I’m so presendtial I forgot about my wrist too