I go dumb
Fuck these n***as talmbout
Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah

LSG, KTS fuck with EBC
PTC, CTG, you know what it be
LBC, all my n***as they be clappin' heat
And if he lackin' kill his ass, ain't no lackin' B's
You fuck n***as ain't with it, I ride 'round with choppas
He love that lil thotty, she just give me toppa
Real proper, like she was taught lessons
I'm L'z up in this bitch, I'ma die till my blessings, I'm gone
These lame n***as don't want that
Lil smoke, call my phone, over a hoe is he on that, be for real though
Still though got the new banger, be still hoe, shoutout my n***a lil Gee
On Dagos that white blow
Pussy n***a that's a low blow
Yo hoe
Burning dollars, fuck around with them Kutthroats
She chillin', I'm drillin', I'm all in her throat
Say shawty doin' dicks 'cause we smokin' dope
I'm always off mollies or some other shit
If I can't get you 'cause you hidin', catch your brother bitch
This shit is really real on this east side
These n***as over here don't throw up peace signs
RIP to Fazo, he a fuck n***a
RIP to Roc, you get touched n***a
And fuck that n***a Los, you a fucking joke
Got caught lackin' now he hung with no fucking rope
Bitch I'm real, ain't no actin' homie
They wanna murder me, 'cause I ain't actin' homie
Bitch I'm from the stee, I'm from the murda-stee
These n***as wanna murder, cause I'm murda-stee
L'z up to my real hittas
Shoutout BD, he a real n***a
Shouts out brodie, I won't say his name
They swing through Kuts that big ass flamer leave his brain go hang
Fucking with them Kutthroats, you gon' leave shit
Leave the vest for your face, on some real shit
My n***as, we don't really fucking play around
Grab that eight, all in his face, he layin' down
That's a man down, that's some TerrorTown
Now he famous like Marty, all on the 'Gram
Fuck boys, better move around
I'm east side, you know where I'm found
Yeah, ain't no lackin' man
N***as ain't with the shits
We makin' moves out here man
Fuck your dead homies
Shouts out to the dead opps bitch ahahah
L'z, east
Fuck with me man, I'm full as hell this Thanksgiving
Chillin' with Nino man
You feel me, makin' moves it ain't shit
Die five, KTS, 1120 shit