Josh Tate (Little T)
Road Rage (Freestyle)
[Verse 1: Little T]
Yo, yes, light the bifter
I'm gonna rape your little sister
Five chicken licking
I'm gonna give her a kicking
Yo, yes, my name's called Tate
Har-dar-dar with your head off a gate
Might be a bimbo, put your head through a window
That's why we have beef
Yes, calm down with your bars
Talk about my mum, talk about yours
Yo', you was abortion at birth
Your mum look like an ape from Planet the Earth

[Refrain: Little T]
Um, yeah, I'm going in, haha

[Verse 2: Little T]
James, think you're a gypsy, don't get lippy
You will get drop kick, it'll be easy
Shit scared of Reece Lindsay
Listens to Bimbi, how embarrassing
Brother so fat, can't do a marathon
Marco you will get sparko
Your mum's on crack, you look like you're on smack
Yo, your mum is a fiend
You suck your dad off while your ma flicks her bean
Yo, think you're big?
You will get dropped yeah, straight in a dig
Crying all over the floor
Imagrety I'm war
Everybody knows your mum is a whore
Getting round Piccadilly looking for willy
Punters pull up and say 'don't be silly'
[Outro: Little T]
I am 12, it's my time to shine
Shut your mouth or I'll break your mum's spine
Snap a leg like a twig
Rob a car like I'm something out of Stig