Josh Tate (Little T)
Deeper [Soph Aspin Reply]
[Intro: Little T]
Reply to Sophie, yeah
Little T

[Verse 1: Little T]
Yo, yes, so you want to go deep
I can go deeper and deeper
I can go ill, step back, I need a chill pill
Yeah, don't come back
Man's better than 2Pac
When I see your brother he's going to get a panic attack
Hit him in his back
Hit him in his face
He'll be seeing stars for days
I breathe fire
I'll be the one who will be higher
Nose is bigger than the Eiffel Tower
Your mum calls me the white Stormzy
'Cause your mum's on my D, deepthroating me
Fuck that bitch, part 3
She was on the floor
She was like, "I don't want no more"
So I told the bitch, "What, yeah, part 4"
I'm a loony guy
Get a spoon then pop out your eye
Maybe tighten it, may be cruel
At least I'm not a gimp so I don't say 'cool'
Yes, now I'm onto your dad, your big sister
Yeah, it's already had
This kid's getting me mad, yo
Yes, and I bet you-
Your dad's called Ted
Hiding them kids, in the shed
Let's play Simon Says
Simon says 'lift up your top'
If you don't then you're getting no pop
You've got a 'tache
Fuck this shit, let's clash
[Outro: Little T]
Sophie, your mum's a nonce
She's on my mails! (Laughs)