Josh Tate (Little T)
Tell Em
[Verse 1: Little T]
Look, when I was about 6
That's when I got my first stitch
And now, I am seven
Wondering what it's like to be in heaven
Now look, now I am eight
That's when I found my first mate
Now look, now I am nine
That's when I found out I could do grime
Now look, now I am ten
That's when my uncle went to pen
Now look, now I am eleven
That's when I started year 7
Now, look now I am twelve
BGMedia shouting out loud
Hope my mum and dad is proud
Cause they had doubts that I couldn't spit
Now I'm sitting here like proving it
Everybody's grooving to it
Got excluded for it, but back then
I was a wannabe G, just wanna be a G
That's how it changed me look
I was going out, causing shit all the time
Me and Adam causing violence and crime
And don't send back like I'm a terrorist
From Iraq with a bomb
Strapped to my back like there's no coming back like an asthma attack
[Verse 2: Chewta]
And I'm keeping it blatant
No sideman ting no Jason
I can see man are hating
I tried sitting back but I'm losing my patience
Let me loosen the tension
Man want an eyeful of me like a Frenchman
Just wanna bait don't yell when I make laws
Just wanna cup of tea and cash for my pension
Heavyweight bars no benching
When I see my man stand to attention
And I've got bare raps and flow
So if you wanna clash then drop me the question
Drop me the mention, me man I won't lie
Some man are snakey, some man are so sly
That's why my circle's small for the outside world
See me I've got no time
But back to the track
Now man wanna @ talk thinking he's bad
Now man wanna stay street, still wanna make P
That's just part of living in a crap town
But yeah man I'm back now
So many bars they are linked to my SatNav
So many raps, so many raps, so many raps I ain't going on about crap rounds
I just wanna do what pays me
And I ain't got time to be lazy
And I know man I ain't gonna go far but I just wanna drive a fast car like Tracy's
Yeah I won't stop till I'm in that Merc
Keep on chatting 'till I get them perks
Big, fat house with the money in the bank and a nice little bird with an arse that twerks