Josh Tate (Little T)
Freestyle Business
[Intro: Afghan Dan]
'S happening, Afghan Dan, Little T
Freestyle business, yeah, look
Check this, bap bap

[Verse 1: Little T]
Commenting shit, that's so sly
Commenting shit like I should die
I'm a 12 year old kid, and I do grime
Doing it to, pass on time
If you hate me yeah that's just fine
Could you hold your views, yeah it's my first time
Yo, haha

[Afghan Dan]
Jheeze! Hah, go on!

[Little T]
Yo, bro, do you want beef
Man will take out your two front teeth
I am a bomb, Allahu Akbar, you'll be gone, Syria
Fuck that shit, think you're sick 'cause you've got a new kit
BG Media, that's what I do
Come 'round here and I will slay you

[Verse 2: Afghan Dan]
Look, look
She got those rar rar titties
Bitch got a batty like my girl Nicky's
Overly grown, makes moves on her own
But she got a few friends that are bad like Ricky's
I need a Minnie Mouse like Mickey's
A girl that wanna fly away like Dizzie's
Won't take you to a pretty little spot like France, no
We be hitting different cities
Night time in the hotel, get your arse bent over the bed
Grab hold of your leg while you're rolling your head
Moaning and groaning when I'm boning ahead
I was born dirty
Ask your nan, I was born flirty, ask your girl-
Oh, check this
And again Little T, tell 'em
Look look look
[Verse 3: Little T]
You can be after me, it's just fine
Peeps getting jealous 'cause I'm good at grime
24 young yeah, comment on my line
LinkUpTV that's what I'm on
Come 'round here you'll get lyrically spun
Won't think you're sick 'cause you smoked some haze
Man will put you like clean in a grave

[Afghan Dan]