Josh Tate (Little T)
Butterz (Soph Aspin Reply)

Shout out Dylan Gordon yeah
Shout out Dylan Gordon
Fuck you
Fuck Sophie Aspin
Fuck Sophie Aspin

[Verse 1]

Yo look
Like look
You've got nits
Who you buying you ain't got tits
I know something your fans don't know
I know something that your fans don't know
2 finger getting greedy yaknow [?}
Aaron McCabe yeah lick up your bro
Yo yeah you dun know
Where's your dad cause we don't know
Yo yes light the bifta
Little T can I have a picture
We know that Sophie Aspin yeah that cunt ginger
Bro she is a minger
Now I'm onto your mate see the fat cunt
Yeah we know what she done
Yeah giving me shit bro are you dumb
Talk about my dad yeah talk about your mum
Where is her hearing where is it gone
Where is her hearing where is it gone
Like look, man go sick
Hot like Afghan taking the piss
This ain't a send, this is a diss
Council house yeah that's where you live
Been hearing that you're gonna send for me
So hashtag Sophie rest in peace
When you see me you rang the police
Bro do what I like yeah
Do what I wanna
Chant my name and you've got gonna
Look, like look you don't know
Making moves just like a promo
Come to my ends yeah you gotta go
Won't find me on a track
With someone who has no flow like look
Like you little fuckers
Won't link your bird cause she is butterz
One will be a [?] fucker look
I will tear up a man
Roll her lip easily dang
Put off the front bang bang
Punch in her nose yeah I punch in her eye
Who's that at my door who's that
'He's a bitch you're not coming in you twat'
Let's talk facts
You will get taken away then you're never comin back
Like your brother will ask what's happening
[?] yeah go then your bikes are pedaling[?]
I'm not a hard guy but I'll punch her head in
If this is the clash then I've already won
My mates backing and your mates run
You're not like Little T bro
Go suck your mum yeah its already been done

Yeah fuck Sophie Aspin
Fuck Sophie Aspin
Like Look

[Verse 2]

Stop thinking you're hard
You know that Little T can't run outta bars
When it come to grime Blackpool I'm too far[?]
Look yeah I'm too far
Look I'm getting sick of this bitch
60 for 60 merked you quick