Josh Tate (Little T)
BGMedia | Little T (Freestyle)
Look, Little T
Fuck Dara
Yeah you don't start
You smoke crack in the park
You think you're sick cuz you're from Salford
Freestyle yea
Don't go by the ends
Don't get clever
Take your head off like Connor McGregor
Know what I mean

Verse 1:
Look don't get clever
Take your head off like Mayweather
Back with him
Connor McGregor
Like yes it's me
Im with my bro it's Little T
People starting to listen to me
And listen to what I have to say
People ask for a picture everyday
Look that is my aim
Buy a mansion have bare fame
If you wanna start we'll play them games
Look and you better prepare
What people say?
I don't care
Verse 2:
Wanna write yea about my life
Cause round here you gotta survive
Yea cuz look it's not a nice place
People get battered punched in the face
Look yea it ain't not nice
Yea got Noisey in a vice yea it's gonna be tight
Blue hat blonde hair
I was I was like come over here
She has a boyfriend I don't care
Yea you won't be missed
Like Tommy Kray im taking the piss
So you wanna go fist to fist
When im finished with you you're gonna be in a cast
Run to your brother in a flash
All dressed out in a mask
This grime shit is it gonna last
If hes a little shit thats in the past
When i see your brother he better run fast
Chat him up and and i'll make him a task
Fuck the haters they will pay
Say that shit but thats what they say
They're the most cringiest kid
Come to their house tarmac it
Murder this kid
Fuck you you're just a flid
Stop wth your chit-chat
Your head looks like a tic-tac
Don't anything about my life biz
Look Little T