I F With U
When you stop and start to cry
Just know I f**k with you
When you look into my eyes
Just know I f**k with you
If i’ve told you any lies
Just know I f**k with you and if i drop dead right now
Oo yeh
Just know I f**k with you

Verse 1
It goes
I dont want to let you go oo no
You make me happy i just f**ked up on the low
She mine she mine that’s what I tell my friends
I’m yours i’m yours I know you wanted more
I tell her woah you ain’t going out dressed like that
You gon’ stay inside and change right back
To your robes like hold on
I ain’t tryna control you
I just want the best for you
You say the best for me
We can't agree
But i love you baby
Oo woah

Verse 2
I Know the world is out to get me
They sent that b*t*h out to test mee woah
I messed up i dont blame you for feeling shame
You don’t have to be alone we can share the pain
Don’t push me away I want you close
Why the hell you want to give up over hoes?
Or hoe I swear that it was only one time
Why can’t we just move on with our lives