Party (777)
Intro (7am)

(yeah huh)
777 or i die (x2)
777 suicide
777 it will take your life
Party with ya girl got her singing
Oh na-na-na-na
7am thugger
Party up turnt up way up
Yeah, aye party up aye
Pour me up another cup
I'm so turnt now

Verse (Lil Firearm)

I'm so turnt now
Party with yo girl all night, said she love me okay
Got bands in my pocket like a bank, smokin on the finest kush you know it stank
Yo bitxh all over me diamonds on me and they shine, fuxk yo bitxh from the back o yea yea i'm behind
O my gah im in first and you last you catch a L, i catch a dub poppin them shells pull up on him and im zoomin forreal

Bridge (Lil Firearm)

7am thugger, party with yo girl yea yea
And i got her dancing all night long, work work work work work work work work
Verse (Lil Firearm)

Wanna use me for my cash, if you want me baby keep shaking that ahh
Once i fuxk her then you know that imma pa**
If she want the team then she gotta...gotta go
Know that im on go, green like my cash i got cabbage ye fosho
Shawty bad and i know, take her back to the bando
Water whippin in the kitchen ye she whippin on the stove
Me and 7amthugger got yo girl all on us boo'd up
Ye you know that we getting cash now, i got hella bands up in my paypal

Verse (7am)

Had to turn my life around
I'm a king I don't need a crown
Ice on my neck so frozen
Took my heart where you going?
Left me cold you're so wrong
Pour me up till i'm gone
Now they're singing my songs

Outro (7am)

Always a winner no i'm never going to lose
I'm with 777 and i'm breaking all the rules
I'll always remember i was hoping gates ditching school
I was drunk and sold my soul now i'm living cool