Gotta Go
Hook. sorry mom your boy gotta go for the world he bless with the boys with the floats guess i performance at the show and we gotta make noise in the boat at the airport got my plane ticket some girl hook up because were from the same village uh i just hope prank city with the boys in the plane you know we ate villians off the side more back to the mother land somebody better tell that we coming back rent two hotels yeah all of that us couldn't play like the quarterback rest of thighs a real life quarterback with rest top secret sore like a nah just kidding but yo i just been core been it cause. hook. sorry mam your boy got to live this dream it's all good i gotta kill a t all point like a kill a t all toy got seen will as beat i made back suitcase hotel toothpaste we crank here for that loose chains i gotta go gotta go man gotta show that when that whole bout that program gotta show for the whole model dope in a front vote man what nah we got work to do told sale is the mind is wave like a surfer do yeah use a scape a learning to is a game i ain't take to person do anyway is the boy with the angel flow saying outta here later cause. hook. outro