Gunz ‘n’ Swordz (Escape From Monsta Island! Version)
Monsta Island Czars (ft. Gigan and Megalon) - “Gunz ‘n’ Swordz (Escape From Monsta Island! Version)”
[Emcee(s): Gigan and Megalon]
[Producer(s): X-Ray Da Mindbenda]
[Sample (Melody): The New Birth - “Wild Flower”]

[Verse 1: Gigan]
Don’t ever
Question my motives unless you want to get rolled over
Like locomotives. If you ain’t noticed, I’m down to kill
Everything in my field like a million locusts. Around here, we use
Angers to oaks to blue steel and kill dolgiers
Steal with my soldiers—fuck a record deal. Around
Here, your flow’s only as real as your coke is
Stay focused. You’re never safe around these parts, big
Fishes be getting ate swimming around these sharks. Fuck
Around, four-pounds get you found by the narcs in the ground
In the park with rounds in your crown and your heart. I’ve been
Down from the start, with guns, hunting the richer
Reup your front once n***as coming to get ya, hiding
Behind your chickens or under the mixture, coke be the
Holy Mother, crack be Christ, and jumbs be the scripture
Nuns be the pigeons, police be the swine. Us?
We’ll be belligerent thugs, and the streets be the shrines
Peace be the gods, food that we eat be
The cause, slugs be jury and judge, and the heat be
The law. Know y’all feeling the rush, wanting
The eight, hearing the tape and skills that we bust in
Your whip, slapping the wheel with it, cuz. Rap sheet
Rules—ain’t no rappers realer than us
[Verse 2: Megalon]
I thought
The meaning of life was being a trife type of n***a that’ll
Pee in your wife like semen, selling ski in the night, squeezing
The pipe, broad-day, fleeing the light, eyes leaking, bleeding
Speaking to Christ about demons, scheming, reading the Bible
Preaching it trife. Thief in the night, Rican to white
I’m seeing it’s like being deceased with police still reading
The rights. I’m still beast in the fights, I’m still sleeping on ice
Me and my peoples is Chinese food—duke know me
But still eating the rice. Stop killing and eating these
Animals—humans are cannibals, we’re animals too
The truth: deacon are mice. Still, the real Black Geezus
Christ with the skills that’ll speak, duke. You’re seeking the light
Coke, crack, jumbs, nuns, police, hustle
The streets, peace, food, slugs, judge, heat
What if he right?