Poizon Windz
Monsta Island Czars (ft. Megalon, Rodan, and Gigan) - “Poizon Windz”
[Emcee(s): Megalon, Rodan, and Gigan]
[Producer(s): X-Ray Da Mindbenda]

[Verse 1: Megalon]
Scallywag, Ballies bagged, box with a Glock in it
Rocking eight rocks with a plastic bag, knots in a Cali flag
Driving in tinted whips with cops in it—somebody’s bagged
Try not to hop in it, dash down the alley fast, somebody’s property
Stash the hops then skip out as quick-fast, watch the whips clash
Belly-branded car stops with the cops in it. Daddy’s
Rags ripped, hop in a hot whip, not meaning vampire shit
Toxic, toxidic, pocketed knots, I’ll spit it
When the drops get it, I’ma chop rocks on dishes—I got this
Eyes wicked, pockets I suggest as soon as drop the rocket... Tommy
You’re talking to yourself again—stop it. You’re in the back blocks
With knots in your socks, hit ‘em and announce that it not sick
Bow to this. I got you nodding like you’re slobbing it, bouncing
Up and down like you’re riding my dick—watch this
All of a sudden, you stop nodding, you start to notice you’re cock-riding, son
Leave you like, “When is he gonna stop rhyming?” When you’re like
“Stop. Sign him.” I’m from the rock-bottom, where we don’t
Pop Glocks. Glocks pop at cops that got them. Neighborhood
Watch—pop-pop-pop—stop watching. Knock-knock-knock
Slugs in the door, I tried to tell the cops to stop knocking. Let’s get it
Popping. I’ll rock stockings, goggle, and Timb. When I start
Rocking, your head gon’ start ringing like bringing it to the back to the top rising
Bringing it back to the block—how y’all been? Rock-chopping got
Me knocked again. Knocking on the wall, rhyming, locked in
Eyes wide-open, laying on a cot, plotting, my pen
Jotting hot one after hot one. Y’all not signing?
I’m not stopping ‘til everybody in
This industry knows who I am. C.O.’s got their
Snotbox knocked in, I caught another case, and every-
-body knows where I’ve been: Monsta Island
[Verse 2: Rodan]
You want social equality from psychology you’re representing?
Son, I couldn’t “Imagine” that bullshit if my name was John Lennon
Build castles on quicksand, museum figures, faggot n***as, wax crews
Displays expose flesh wounds like hot-branded tattoos
Jewels pierce the body, acupuncture intricate, test
Pressure points on the juncture on some distant, infinitely different shit
Witness it extend like events beyond Andromeda
Tentacles read the pentacle, measure bullshit like a barometer
Bombing ya, translate your actions like a dialect
Interpret misinformation false application, third eye lie-detect
Inactive thought, pop mentality, head-severing
Make bloodsuckers unsuccessful in everyday underhanded endeavoring
Monsta Island brethren six degrees like a hexagon
120 lexicon, torture snakes all night long like a sexathon
Buried subconsciously, dark images disturbing
Gods of light and wisdom chilling, black Jollibee are rocking a turban
Post-urban landscape beneath a pterodactyl silhouette
Smack the drool out your mouth so motherfucking hard, make your pillow wet
Rude awaken, sleep forsaken, restless night for months
Project thoughts to other places, occupy two spaces at once
Divine evil hunts, hip hop inhabited subterraneously
Ambidextrous, writing two or more verses simultaneously
Trained to be true and find a secret assignment, daily risk
Who you now front to be, so I assume another alias
New identity, inventing after, hit ya, preventing all the fingerprinting
Head of Central Enlightenment Agency throat, thinking of Hillary Clinton
[Verse 3: Gigan]
Before you go
Let me know if you wanna suck some cheddar ‘cause we don’t
Know if it’s hot or not, but you’re accustomed to this weather. We could
Network, no stress, you’ll be set for work. Just meet me
And send shorty over there dressed in a skirt, bloomers
Stuffed up. After that, every ave, some of the
Chucks on gonna stop through to pick up the math. They’ll get
Your PC weekly like a regular gig. That way
The cheddar’s spread equally in one big lump, the kid’s
Eyes jumped out, Kool-Aid smile across his face—still gotta
Watch him, hope he don’t come across with the snakes
Test him first, hit it off with an 8-ball for base, see if
He escape with the work before one tells him to wait
If he do good, fuck it, we got a new hood to chop
To this rinky-dinky spot without cops—knock on wood
After that, we up on Amtrak, back-and-forth
With shorty in front, me watching her from the back of the cars
She act up? Step up and slap your broad
Get my tyrannosaurus rex on, attacking the dog
No question. Spice it up like chicken Szechuan
Shanghaiing any n***a that wanna flex their chrome