Hold It Down
Yeah, and the Church say
Ugh, God is Good, God is Great, yeah

[Verse 1]
I ain't trying to be an artist, I'm trying to get paid
A n***a got to eat so the songs got to wait
They always want to chill, chill don't get you paid
When the shit pop off, being cool don't get you saved
First 48, and every 28 cops kill a n***a look like me
Then tell me to keep the peace
Damn, I got to play and coach the team?
Pull up your pants, talk like them, go to school
You still a n***a in a coupe, they killed M.L.K. in a suit
That's only half if they like you
That ain't the half what they might do [yeah]
So I'm going to pull up in that motherfucking coupe
And if it's fuck me, then it's motherfuck you
These n***as talking about these hoes
But these n***as they ain't loyal
Thats why you need a gun and a lawyer
To the victor goes the spoils , and I'm winning
I ain't never had much but I had my way with these women
And we did it all without sinning [yeah]
A n***a start feeling himself then lose touch
I'm not a fan of n***as saying what they want
Then using 'it's my opinion' as a crutch
I'm like fuck your opinion very much
I'm not here to give you n***as what you want
This is where the ladies speak up
I just came to fuck shit up like Rosebud
You might benefit but I did it for me
No cosign just some n***as believe
I'm really out here like it's really just me
She text "how is it there?" I said there's music and drinks
What more do you need? But they always want more
I gave you my all, I been here before, I kill shit of course
Kick in the door, waving 44, in Jordan IV's, on April 4
Hop off a porch, off in a Porche
The same shit I live, same shit record
We side by side
Sitting court side, or sitting in court
We sitting court side
Favorite player high five, NBA Live
I can't tell no lie, God strike me if lies, repent and pay tithes
She thick in the thighs, she read books and drink wine
New Rollie tell time, but I ain't got time
My cousin just died
I'm living two lives, need two girls tonight
I doubled my price, I doubled my cup
Double shot of whatever you like
I got what you need, she got what I like, and thats what I like
NY Summers, LA Winters, Miami Nights
Fuck Miami Vice, roll all the dice, gamble with life
I'm laying the pipe, I'm building tonight, I got to get right
All this stress and strife, fighting all of my life [yea]
It's only right, all day n***a, good morning good night

God bless you and keep you
God smile at you and gift you
God look you in the face and make you prosper
Never How You Plan