Love for You 2
[Verse 1]
I knew some of my old girls never were mine
I never took it personal I never did cry
I know I sold myself short but damn them women was fine
And memories don't lie we had a hell of time
That's shallow but every end of my pool ain't deep
That's cool if that's not how you think
But to find myself, gotta be honest with me
And balance and moderation that's really the key
I left the city, you think they forgot about me?
You think that they know that I had to leave?
You think they rooting for me?
You think they checking for me?
You think they know I know it's them and not me? (hah)
Every n***a ain't hating and all the bitches don't love it
And everybody don't love you
And always ask what's the budget
Cause everybody want something
Want Something for nothing
I mean something from nothing
Never asked how they want it
It's not all about money they couldn't stay down if you payed em
So do what's best for the team sometime you sign and you trade em
Problem with loyalty they all got they own definition
That's why I keep to myself that's why I keep all my distance
Forgive but never forgetting
Lost but never forgotten
Everybody stay scheming, that's what I always stay plotting
We could go through the same thing and take different shit from it
That's why I keep to myself
That's why I never be judging

They only love you you when you got something for them
I got nothing but love for them (Yeah)
It's only right that you show off for them
Pull off in something Foreign

[Verse 2]
I touched down and touch the city, to see who miss me
I ain't trying to hear ain't no love in the heart of the city
The suns out, girl you could use a long kiss from me
I know cloud ass n***as got fake smiles and disses for me
For the Same reasons n***as hate n***as got love for me
And that's okay with me I can't make them love me
Now I remember there's nothing promised here I had to go get it
Something meaningful something consistent
Did some things that we can't walk back
You Said some things that you can't take back
Words matter you should care more about em
You shouldn't shoot off like that
That's how people get hurt like that
And girl I know you know that
I wrote a song you can sing but it's not about you
You know every word, you probably think this song about you
You can only hate someone as much as you love them
And a lot of these women out here looking for husbands
Who you loving? Who you want to be hugging?
You know who you are, I'm just saying
I'm not judging
I don't know ya'll anymore even my brothers looking like distance cousins
That's not how I want it but fuck it
Smoking cohibas in the villa, now we in Vegas
Yamazaki whiskey, sip slow let's get faded
Never how you plan but keep your vision
Multi before I die Million Dollar Mission