Look, I never been one to...

Yeah, uh, follow me

[Verse 1: Jerreau]
I’ve never been one to hustle backwards
They watch what I say like closed caption
Ear hustling
Maybe you can get ya numbers trying to bubble up a pot
And cook what I got, used to not having a lot
Take your spot, put my name right there
It’s crazy how much shit could change in a year
No treadmills this year
I’m running outside, shit I run it outside, pull up outside
Valet, playground, the same difference
You never know what’s gone til it’s missing
Like Ruth on latest edition
New girl, new edition if it isn’t love then fuck it
Like everything I don’t fuck with
I’m mature, I keep rubbers just in case
And I keep it moving like I got a new place
You should know, you should know that’s everyday
I’m that n***a, when you see me you should tell me to my face
Mother fuck
Everything is personal, they just doing their job, they don’t really fuck with you
I don’t hate you, I don’t feel much about you
N***as say they got it, well we doubt you
You should know, everybody know but you
What you never have you can’t lose, you share that girl
I’m in the owners box you can’t win, you can lose her you can lose
You ain’t got it, I don’t empathize or sympathize with you
You ain’t felt this shit before, I been through this shit we do
But y’all don’t hear me though I told y’all
I switched the style up just to say I could
One wish out of three I wish a n***a would, damn!
I got a lawyer, he get paid like a group member
I been doing this shit, don’t forget to remember
I been making money like it’s nobody’s business
Cause it’s all us n***a ain’t nobody’s business

[Verse 2]
The greatest story never told
Went from small time to heavyweight I'm Larry Holmes
What's real in the street come across on stereo
I can tell you bout a story like to hear it here we go
Started with my pop God bless that n***a dead now
Standin' at his wake I got my head down
I said wow, how he look the same that he did at his fed trial
But that was me too, I got my chest out a fresh smile
Lookin' like Nas with the crooked teeth Chief Keef
The same feelin' that was there is what I took to beef
'Til I got tired like a hookers feet, took a knee
To pray I wouldn't touch the Raw dog like I'm Booker T
Free from all sins but see the same ones my father bore
Now my only dreams to get a Roley or a Audemars
40 or 41 millimeter golden boy
Boy & know I still drop lines like some corduroys
All them toys, got me dreamin' of them wheels whippin'
Liver shriveled up but still sippin', still pimpin'
You say you better than the greatest n***a chill Pippen
We both great but I'm a lil' different. Yeah
Did I mention burn rubber doin' phone numbers
That's why the celly beep beepin' like the road runner
No wonder, nobody chose to go fund ya
You got it fucked up, it's bout to be a cold summer
1 up, that's God givin' you another chance
Understand that n***a bounced back like he a rubber band
Was hurt now he killin' n***as like the Son of Sam
Started with a eighthy now he fuckin' with a hundred grams damn...