Sango Trap (Version 2)
Sango Trap Lyrics
[instrumental Intro]

Adlibs: tapinda musango

Verse 1 (AyTee)
Tapinda Musango
Tapinda musango
Mataka vaka tega
Tichitsvaga mari yepepa
Tapinda musango
Hapana chatinacho
Muneshumba dzinoruma
NemaShaki anengano

Tapinda musango x2
Mataka vaka tega
Tichitsvaga mari yepepa

Verse 2 (Jay & Terry Shan)
Tapinda musango
F*ck Do you want though
Killing these beats all my N****z got Ammo
Up In the jungle we dressed up in Camo
Flexinging like tarzan we trapped in the bando
Started in combis now b*****s be on me
And now they all want me, we swervin’ in benzos
Whippin’ and whippin’ , we up in the kitchen
My N****z gon’ get it, those benjies we gamble
{Terry Shan}
Getting the dollars and all they can handle
Got all the Thotties and hoes in the scandal
Safari Jungle or forest, I Rambo
Nigerians whippin’ the white in the bando
Trying to put on a show, it get cancelled
Get with the program and flow with the channel
Demolition man, Im the professional
F**k on the first night that’s now my hoes getting Down (down down down down)

Tapinda musango x2
Mataka vaka tega
Tichitsvaga mari yepepa

Way Up (x6)
Compared to these n***as?
We Way way way, way way way
Way way way, WAY

Verse 3 (DaReal)
Vanoswera vachiflexa
All this fake S**t iri kuStressa
Bhebhi rake ndakasexa
Left The condom On the Dresser
Mufesi wacho ainetsa
Saka ndakapinda no pressure
Ndakabuda achigeza
Phone yangu haarege kutexta
Aifunga akaCatcha
Tried to lock down on the mensa
Now im on to the next one
Coz I left the P***y on a stretcher
She took a sip of my elixir
After that I didn’t kiss her
I told her stay on her knees, coz im just aiming to please
She had a feeling that I really wouldn’t Miss her