Swords In The Dirt
[Sample] Roots Manuva – My gosh

[Verse 1: Roots]
Lungs ah filly, Manuva get milly
Blacked out, coming like a black sport billy
Venture plan, see me with my DV cam
Film my low tech movie on mothers who push prams
To smuggle grams to get grands to feed their babies
Skid valley death traps get more crazy
I’m coolin in my yard now I drinks my Bailey’s
We love rap, ghetto fuel, feeding the poor
Keep them grubalicious gavvers from knocking ya door
It’s x amount of dudes to diss, we stay dat
Swords in the dirt, sonny, show your respect

[Sample] My escapades left your fucking shit splayed

[Verse 2 : Danny Vicious]
In or lay lay, out of town but not Hyde
And hundred keys in the dirt and still rising
Big five pop off style and go town
In some shiny black loafers for raving down
Yeah yo weekend reach, we spend cash
In them wine bars, bashment raves and sound clashes
None of y’all fools dun know where to find me
Since I buss up the spot and dust the mid nineties
Sword in the mud, still I go on foul
Still sword in the dirt, still poppin’ off work
Dat monster guy, king killer eye
Eight hands and eight pies, da octapie, yo
[Sample] Rodney P ah wah they put me in the mix

[Verse 3: Rodney P]
Yo, you've yet to see the best of 'P'
You believe I smoke too much weed? It’s guaranteed
I'm a twist trees 'til my eye dem bleed
An' I believe sex is good on Es but that me
The truth will set you free, rudeboy we nah lie
True I use my third eye, calm and free eye
Jah know and I'ma live big
And send requests to my girl cos my girl is my rib
Ya know the flex, ya know the plan
Got my sword in the dirt and my spliff in my hand
And it’s big tings a gwarn to my MC gang
Riddim killa for the girls and the ganja man

[Hook: Niara]
Swords in the dirt, the whole truth hurts
Our posse and crew stand strong and do the worse
Swords in the dirt, the cold truth burns
Whole posse and crew stand strong and do the worse

Dr. Evil BLAH inya bludclart

Adda real up in a face of a seven worse ting
We live long and never prosperin', always regrettin' it
We can’t na fadar folloh
Fashion, you flash bare foolery, coonery
Even your white boy decoys is n***as now
Keep it bloodklart, I’m at home chillin', sword in a mud bath
From us lot parking it from my inclination
Smack you in ya head copper beg your pardon
Hardened fumes tell you gammas nuttin'
We magnetic son ultra, B-boy, North and south polar
Whole lotta minutes soldier, I told you come boulder or get
My attitude is rude and shit, blah
[Sample] P

[Big P]
This is P man, superheavyweight
Spangle with the tea man, top shotta south east man
Streets man, you know I push that work
Hurt anything that’s tryna invade my turf
I'm a braveheart, stickin' my sword in the dirt
I take part, tings in the boot of the Merc'
Open that, push da strap under my shirt
'Cause if I have to, I blast you of the face of the earth
And right about now, this is rap revolution
They can try to fight down but P’s the solution
The world is mine, frontline kingpin
Keepin' it live for South East 1-5

Right now the Skeme

I got my sword in the dirt on SE8 frontlines
Arms I shot are cyphers, fire blaze rounds
When I bless wax, ag, battle rap crimes
All chichi mon fiyah bun one time
I’m a sword swingin' general from your dirty south
Like puffin cable tongue you get super mow
Skeme’s about, two thousand horror of rap
With the sword in the dirt while I’m stabbing the track
Fassy’s don’t like what us warriors built
But I’m holding down my space with a lancer shield
Black knights of this rap ting, ya skin get peeled
And if I don’t have my sword then the nine’s the deal
And that’s the real
[Outro: Niara]
Don’t you got me on a long ting no
They tried to diss but they can’t stop this flow

Swords in the dirt
The whole truth hurts
Posse and crew stand strong and do the worse
The cold truth burns
Our posse and crew stand strong and do the worse