Spoiler Alert
[Intro: Stunna Cold]
Yeah, aye, yeah, aye, yeah

[Verse: Stunna Cold]
Look I'mma show you
Like Popovich I'mma coach you
Remember the times they didn't notice
I'm on my grind like Theotis
I want my credit, credentials
Show you a vision from words like a poet
I can't lease I can't lease I can't do rentals
Want a pink slip in the Laren the foreign
Show me importance
I'm not a joke, Lawrence
I'm bout a buck, Warren
Ya'll was asleep you snoring
I'm around the globe, I'm touring
Chase it from night to the morning
Millions to seek, I'm exploring
Your girl be bugging, annoying
I'mma go chase that green
Cop me a Demon, it's roaring
Top model on my team
You know she naughty, not boring
I do not fake or act
Eyes on the prize I move solo
Change up the game like a patch
I can't relax and that's a no-go
I can't be stuck in the past, huh
I'mma progress just like a promo
If it ain't bread I'mma pass, huh
I'm bout the checks, I can't do no show
I got no time for gimmicks
I'm one of one terrific
I heard your song horrific
Yeah, all of my baddies specific
She like the drip it's refreshing
She got that water, replenish, aye