Lisa Lips
[Intro: Kangol Kid, Doctor Ice, and Educated Rapper]
Yo Doc, you know that girl over there?
Yeah man she's a neighborhood housekeeper
Yo Black, I don't know, so I'm gonna throw that girl some rizzap if you know what I'm sizzaying?
Yo homeboy, don't do it to yourself
Ahh Doc, let him do it to himself
Excuse me sweetheart, um what's your name?
Oh how you doing Lisa? I'm Kangol from UTFO
Yo what you mean "so big"?
Yeah stop being little Roxanne, right
Let me ask you a serious question, you got a boyfriend?
Oh yeah, well um, how long have you had this problem
You know what I oughta turn you onto my Doctor Ice
You know I mean he's got a cure for things like this
And before you know it boo, you'll be my girl
Yo Doc, let me ask you...
No, Homeboy, I don't wanna meet the young lady
Yo E man, what's his problem, man?
What's your problem?
Yo, yo, who is this man?
Ha ha ha, that's Lisa Lip
Yo Doc, don't you have a cure for this?

[Verse 1: Doctor Ice]
There's no prescription, none in the world
That I could prescribe for this nasty girl
It might sound crazy, but look at her lip (Oh shh!)
Don't curse Kangol, just say "Oh dip"
You was desperate, desperate for that leg
You ran to Lisa Lip and begged, begged, begged
She told you yes 'cause she thought she was slick
Told you c'mon, you was the perfect vic'
She might've let ya whack and get vagin' for free
I mean yo, Kangol, you couldn't see?
But I figured you would, 'cause you don't listen
Tell you time after time, but you keep kissin'
Think about what you almost did
It might have led to a little Kangol Kid
I meant to tell you “Very Dangerous” was a permanent friend
She picked him up and can't get rid of him
She tried every antidote that I prescribed
But he just won't leave, I mean she's stuck with this guy
Since you're my boy and everything, let me tell you
If you mess with her, you'll be stuck with them too
Lisa, Lisa Lips!
(How long have you had this problem?)
Lisa (Lisa), Lisa Lips!

[Verse 2: Kangol Kid]
Hey Lisa, I don't know if all of this is true
But Lord knows I've heard so much about you
I heard you don't do windows and don't do floors
But you wax and polish behind closed doors
Is this a rumor or is this true
Do you do everything they say you do?
Now that I'm lookin' at your face, I say "Oh dip!"
I think there's something out of place (Man it's just her lip)
It's so red and raw like you did a tour
Of the whole neighborhood and you still want more
You kissed Andy, Joe, Alex too
You kissed Gerry, Paul, [?], my friends Junior and Lou
You kissed Kason, Damon, Ecstasy, and Jalil
If you're askin' me Miss Lady Lisa Lip, you were ill
I don't what to believe, tell me is this true
Is your number 857-6452?
Because I've seen it in school on the bathroom wall
It said "Lisa loves to party, come one, come all"

Lisa, Lisa Lips!
(How long have you had this problem?)
Lisa, Lisa Lips!
[Verse 3: Educated Rapper]
Hey fellas let me have a minute of your time
Let the Educated Rapper educate your mind
Lisa is fly and most definitely chillin'
But she has a little friend that I would call a villain
He's deadly, and dangerous, and don't you know
If you ever had to fight him, signs will show
You'll be bleeding from the lips and taking trips
To the Doctor Ice for medical tips
You'll be through with life and all the people will say
Keep away, keep away, and don't you play
You'd have to be an imbecile to mess around with Lisa, be for real!
Do you want to be the laughing stock of the block
Or be just like an itch on an athlete's jock?
Frustrated, isolated from the rest of the gang
And when it comes to socializing, you just can't hang!

Lisa (Ooh hoo!), Lisa Lips!
(Ooh ooh!)
Lisa (Ooh yeah!), Lisa Lips!
(How long have you had this problem?)

[Verse 4: UTFO]
We can't deny that you are fly
But around the guys is when we lie
We can't tell that it's you we did
'Cause if we did, the word would spread, big!
Girl we apologize, don't be stunned, don't be surprised
If you thought for a minute that we believed you
Not only are you nasty
(Not only are you nasty)
(Not only are you nasty)
You stupid too!
Stupid too
Lisa, Lisa Lips!
Lisa (Lisa), Lips!
Lisa (Crab)