Bite It
[Intro: UTFO]
Our rhymes are recited (and we are delighted)
To give you permission to...bite it!


[Verse 1: Educated Rapper]
If you ever had a shadow, one like mine
Time after time, you would find
Everything you did, and everything you do
And everything you want to do, they'd want to too
If you jumped off a cliff they'd be right there
As long as they could be like you, they wouldn't care
It's sort of strange, but it happens this way
And you should know what I'm trying to say
When suckers try to be like you all the time
As if you and that person shared the same mind
But I call 'em biters, imitators, copycats, and duplicators
No matter how you look at it they want to be
Just like you or maybe just like me
But you have to be a biter to be like that
There's no holding back I'm telling you flat
You have to have a mind of your own
Stay off everybody's phone
One day you'll be all alone
In your own little Twilight Zone
You are!
Yo Mixmaster, what you say?
I said you are!

[Verse 2: Kangol Kid]
Well I'm Kangol and that's a fact
And for some reason, my name's on everybody's hat
One theme that I [?] tell me they didn't know
That I was Kangol from UTFO
But to be another Kangol, another Kangol Kid
That would be irrelevant that's right, that's what I said
To be a mellow supreme, the consequences are extreme
Not even Mr. Rourke fantasize that dream
When my mind goes wild, my friends will all see
I got finesse and I'm as cool as can be
I survive in a fire like Doc and E, for being so extraordinary
Because my knowledge has shown that [?]
Until a year when MCs rock a microphone
And from the day I was born, never did nothing wrong
Just rocked all night to the break of dawn
So you know I'm gonna rock it, give it all I got [?], it's like another day
And I can even pop, definitely talented [?] I acquired the skill
And come to think about it, you know what I think I will
Be the best there ever was and ever will be, evermore
[?] things that I can see as though embedded in me
[?] employed [?] in consideration
UTFO is not a club, it's an organization, so bite it!
Bite it!
Bite it!

[Verse 3: Doctor Ice]
Well I'm the Doc (Right!)
All day and night (Right!)
I'm black and white (Right!)
Is that alright (It's alright!)
So if it's alright I guess I can rock you 'til I'm ready
To stop, to break or pop
The way I feel now, I just got to rock
[?] rhymes like I pray, I pray everyday
'Cause I always got to have something new to say
'Cause you always got the brothers with the negative minds
Saying "Man, he's running the same ol' rhyme"
And you know who's saying, all of the biters
Trying to take credit from us writers
I say a line, they bite it, and now they think they're winning
But the middle's so fresh that they forgot the beginning
Then they try to bite it line for line
But by that time I'm at the end of my rhyme
But in this case, bite it for me
Because it's certified by Doctor I-C-E, so bite it!

[Outro: Beatboxing]