Split Personality
Split personality, split personality

[Doctor Ice]
You know I got five people inside of me
Tryin' to take control my body
I know they're there, without a doubt
'Cause every once in a while, they'll all speak out, like

[French accent]
What is it? What can it be?
Get wizz it, get bizzy

Don't laugh 'cause I can't control it
I try my best to hold it and hold it
But, you see, they got the best of me

[French accent]
Hon, hon, poo, poo, merci, oui, oui

I wish they'd leave me alone, and then I'll be free

[Chinese accent]
Ah, Doctor Ice, so sorry

[Jamaican accent]
I be fightin' with my boy, ya can't control me
'Cause I truly admire 'im, that's what my father told me
Be careful, what me say make the young girl bawl
So spar with me, or don't spar at all

Yo, it's gettin' crazy, it's gettin' outta hand
Five personalities is more than I can stand
But, uh, bear with me until it's gone
Uh oh, I feel another one coming on

[Hispanic accent]
What's up, party people in the place to be
My name is Miguel, chief rocker MC
I'm chillin' in the place to be, zhu know
And to you sweet young ladies, dáme un beso

Tu eres linda y quero sabra tu nombre
Para [?] comigo
Para mi Pariso [?]

Uh, check it out, ya know
See I could be a married man with a beautiful wife
But, then again, I'm living the (hoh, hoh, hoh, but it's just so ridiculous) life
Split personality, split personality
I can't control my split personality
Split personality, split personality
I can't control my split personality

[Kangol Kid]
Well, I'm a singer, a dancer, a rapper, too
I could do anything that anybody could do
I can act like a crook and steal a book off a shelf
Or I can act like a cop and arrest myself
To do this, you must have a strong mentality
In other words, gotta have a split personality

And matter of fact, to be exact
Come to think about it, I'm somewhat like that
'Cause a split personality goes and comes
Like two people trapped inside of one
One's a nice person, the other is not
One drinks cold water and the other drinks hot

One minute you're in my arm and I'm feeling you around
Then before you know it, baby, I'm beatin' you down
The I'd say sorry and together we cry
Then I'd look you in your face, and spit in your eye
Then I'd snatch a baby's lollipop, but then give it back
Smile at his mother before I get slapped
Help an old lady across the street
Then I'd trip the crab by sticking out my feet
But then I'd pick her up before she dirties her dress
And charge her five dollars for all that mess
First a softy, a bully, then hard again
So, baby, please tell me when will this end?
I used to get high, but now my system is dry
I used to tell the truth, but now I lie
As the girls go by, I used to say "Hi"
But now I dis 'em, with no reply
I know I ain't right, but that's the way that I am
Excuse me, if ya might, but I don't give a damn
'Cause I try to be polite, but sometimes I miss
And get rude, and say things like this

Hey, you! Yo, I'm talkin' to you, black!
Are you stupid, or were you born like that?
Come on, give me an answer, not three million
In fact, SHUT UP, how dare you voice your opinion
You skeezer snatcher, big disease catcher
Gonna, gonna, get 'cha
Get 'cha, get 'cha, got 'cha

Don't blame it on your father, you told me that ya love 'em
Blame it on your mothers, all five of 'em
From what I see, ya got a problem, man
Comprende, capiche, caput, understand?
If you were smart, you'd probably do this instead
Take your brain out your pants and put it back in your head
Then I'd apologize with a sweet apology
It's not my fault, it's the person inside of me

Split personality, split personality
I can't control my split personality
Split personality, split personality
I can't control my split personality