Bad Luck Barry
Bad Luck Barry
Bad Luck Barry

[Doctor Ice]
Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine
The boy had terrible luck all the time
You know, the boy was goin' crazy, he was goin' berserk
'Cause everything he tried to do, it would not work

'Cause he's (Bad Luck Barry)
Who is he? (Bad Luck Barry)

Goin' to the store to buy some tea and honey
Barry went into the store and forgot the money
Ran to get the money and without a doubt
My man knucklehead got locked out
And when he finally got in, he got the money I suppose
Ran back, and the store was closed

'Cause he's (Bad Luck Barry)
Who is he? (Bad Luck Barry)

Remember the time he had a sho' 'nuff winner
Invited the girl to his crib for dinner
Had a steak in the oven for this girl named Dawn
Got to the crib and forgot to turn in on
I know you're all saying you hung out with this worm
The reason why? 'Cause his sister was firm
He went to a club he never heard of before
He wanted to get loose on the dance floor
He slipped and slided into his dance
A sound went rip, he split his pants
He bought some def shoes from DeLancey Street
And when he put 'em on, they were two left feet
He got a watch for a present, oh, what a surprise
The watch ticks counterclockwise
I remember the time we double dated
My girl came but he waited and waited
When she waddled in, she moved slow as molasses
I bet she couldn't see him with her bulletproof glasses
When we finally went out, he said "Good, at last"
And while we was eating, she had to pass gas

(Bad Luck Barry)
Who is he? (Bad Luck Barry)
Break it down

Don't you feel sorry for Bad Luck Barry?
I said don't you feel sorry for Bad Luck Barry?

[Kangol Kid]
Well, did you know long ago when Barry was born
Though Barry survived, everyone thought he was gone?
When I say "gone", I mean they thought he was dead
'Cause when the doctor said "Push", Barry fell on his head
The injury was minor, they thought it was worse
And ever since that day he was eternally cursed
As the years went by the curse didn't retire
His birthday came around and his cake caught on fire
The flames caught on and everything got hot
And that house they called a home is now a parking lot
(Bad Luck Barry)
Who is he? (Bad Luck Barry)

Barry's bad luck had so many segments
He never had sex 'cause thought he'd get pregnant
So he just said "Forget it", and decided to chill
'Til his mother put him on the birth control pill
He tried to take a lady's pocketbook and run
He pulled out a knife, so she pulled out a gun
He said that he was sorry so she wouldn't get mad
Then the lady robbed Barry for all he had
Later on, he took this girl to the discotheque
He was looking alright, but she was more like a pet
Then the bodyguard stepped into the middle of the crowd
Said "Barry, you can stay, but no pets allowed"

(Bad Luck Barry)
Who is he? (Bad Luck Barry)

Havin' bad luck's no good for your health
'Cause one day Barry said "I'm gonna kill myself"
Put a gun to his head, fully at his risk
Pulled the trigger, BANG, and Barry missed
His luck's so bad, he can't commit suicide
He lived, but the person next to him died
He's the worst there is, and there ain't no doubt
And if you think that's bad then check this out
He never kissed a girl without gettin' slapped
Any mirror he looks into will crack
I once told him that world wasn't round, it's flat
He looked at me and said, "Man, I've been there and back"
You can break someone's heart if you get in thick
But you can't show an old dog new tricks
If you said "Watch your step", Barry, he would fall
In other words, he has no hope at all

Bad Luck Barry
Bad Luck Barry