Ndodemnyama (African National Congress Remix)
[ Afrika Bambaataa ]
Why do you (you) (you) (you)
Come  to di land (di land) (di land)
Zulu  (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu)

[ Brother Jay ]
Brother Jay speaks, silly mortals take heed
Protected by the red, black, green with a key
Slaves  from the Motherland, boy, what a drag
Especially  when royalty's chained by a caveman
A vanglorious way by the colors
Free  South Africa and free our Mother

[ Professor X ]
Mandela, protected by the red, the black and the green
With a key

[ Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers ]
I give it to brothers in the north, south, west and east
Grandfather Bambaataa said I could speak my piece
Grab a few bars and what I say is that
Crush that African Apartheid bullcrap
Poppa had this before you
I got my rifle to your dome, now what you wanna do?
[ Mike G of Jungle Brothers ]
Think about a brother never havin a say so
When they say come you come, when they say go you go
Eat what you're given and not what you wanted
Limitations on your livin and you still gettin taunted
If the Father of Creation was to come at you down
You'd find a very pleasant home six feet under the ground
Poppa was here before you
I got my rifle to your head, now what you gonna do?


[ Lakim Shabazz ]
We're black by popular demand, let's take a stand
Break the Klan and join hands
We got to struggle and fight for what's right
Cause this government got a got grip and they hold it tight
I know your grip will slip, that's if we strive for perfection
In the right direction
Freedom, justice and equality
For you and me, it's plain to see
What we need is black unity

[ Rahiem ]
South Africa, I wanna free from the racist
Prejudiced based on colors of faces
Bones are broken cause wise words are spoken
Blacks bein held down forever, what are you smokin?
I'm gettin wise, I'm risin, self-enterprisin
Teachin the truth to help open the eyes and
Stop apartheid on the far side
Let's get together and watch us all rise
[ Master Rob of Ultimate Force ]
The plan was a scam and those who concocted the plan
Rose up and took over the Motherland
Since it's bloodshed and violence
And those who dare speak out like Mandela were silenced
But it takes but a spark
In the heart and the soul for a man to embark
On his quest for freedom
And if they stand as one, then no one can beat em
Always told when to live or die
But as our babies cry we say down with apartheid
Master Rob and Diamond D
We'll keep on fightin till South Africa's free

(We need it)

Ndodemnyama Mr. Botha
Ndodemnyama South Africa

[ Melle Mel ]
A demonstration is needed to explain my position, so listen, comprehend
Then send your mind to a lower level of a devil's den
My shrine, comparison is it capable of a parallel
Solar systems exist because I dwell
Black on black is the scheme of a devil
Then you turn right around and shoot a brother with the devil's metal
Ndodemnyama Mr. Botha
Ndodemnyama South Africa

[ UTFO ]
Dr. Martin Luther King died for the people
Because society wouldn't treat us equal
Racism existed, it dawn on ya?
How would you feel if your home was taken away from ya?
Murdered, beaten, hung, that's a sin
That's in the past - my man, it's still happenin
The three of us, psst, we ain't chokin
UTFO have spoken

[ Kings Of Swing ]
Stand up, put your hand up, help a brother
Wave the peace sign, yo, word to the mother
We are the Kings Of Swing rock shockin the rhyme
Yo, to help free the black man in all mankind
I'm glad to get together because the move is strong
To free South Africa in a hip-hop song
You need freedom and justice to correct your sin
Yo Mike, what's the true colors? Red, black and green

[ Mr. Biggs of Soul Sonic Force ]
Treat people like people and animals like animals
You eatin people's freedom, you worse than cannibals
There's something I think you should know F..ck you and let my people go
You don't like us? So what, we don't like you
They say we're racist, ah-ah, it's not true
Look in the mirror, can you see the light?
I know you could cause your ass is white

[ Queen Latifah ]
Praise me not as a queen of a queendom
Who took a few slaves for they were weak and I seen them
I'm an advocate of positivity
I wrote this rhyme to show the blind creativity
We demand our freedom, you promise ifs, ands or maybes
Cut us no slack and still kill our babies
The time to tolerate apartheid is over and done
So watch the world say the black man won

[ Kool Keith of Ultra Magnetic MC's ]
I'm back to smack, attack, speak of the black
African - the culture's back again
Muhammad Elijah, the rhythm is nicer
On a power tip, want freedom of speech, to teach and reach
And put a hand out
So the black man, he can stand out
Over the top, the weak, the wack, the devil is negative
But you gotta think positive
About the black signs, the red, black and the green
You better think about it

[ Ced Gee of Ultra Magnetic MC's ]
A-f-r-i-c-a and for today
I'm black and proud, here to say
That we're laying the law down, the rhythm is righteous
Without King and X we might just
Lose the eagerness, our spirit to gain power
For all kings and queens, time to devour
The devil's soul, there's no time to even burn
As we learn and turn, Mandela had to earn
And gain respect, for apartheid comin correct
To help us all free South Africa
Free South Africa

[ Arthur X ]
Well, I'm Arthur X from the Nation of Islam
Preparin to drop another big bomb
I know what time it is, I see the picture
And you will too if you understand scriptues
Botha, you walk the wrong path
The time has come for you to feel the wrath
Can't sleep, can't wait, no time to rest
Cause Allah has always been on the side of the oppressed

[ Positive K & (Milk D) ]
Hey yo Milk (What's up?) Hey, you're smart person
Will things get better or will things just worsen?
(Yo, Positive, times are technically advanced
Survival of the fittest, we're victim of circumstance)
We spendin money on weapons to kill another
They should spend it on somethin to free my brother
(They say I'm not African but that's not true
I got a pecan tan??? so black till I'm blue)
So, here's a tought and it's Positively given
Are you totally secure on the way you're livin?
(Hell no, if politicians we trust
They did it to them, that means they did it to us)
Well, I'm an optimistic, things will get better
(What you want me to do, write your congressman a letter?)
I don't care about congress and I'm sayin it blunt
What I'm sayin is that we step up front

[ Joe Ski Love ]
I'm about to get busy again, but on another topic
Apartheid in South Africa, we gotta stop it
The government over there cold illin
Yo, those our brothers and sisters they're killin
No freedom of speech or belief
Let's come together and impeach
Their government, stop apartheid indeed
Yo, cause it's time our people were freed

[ Pow Wow & M.C. G.L.O.B.E. of Soul Sonic Force ]
We say that we're assassins, don't get it wrong
We're just tryin to tell you that black is strong
But our minds been twisted to turn the other cheek
We stepped in quicksand and now we're in too deep
We're playin catch up and match up but it's his game
The devil is the animal that we must tame
Believe what I'm sayin, you don't have to
But play right into his hand and he's got you

[ Lin Que ]
Apartheid - white supremacy
Nelson Mandela - damn, let us be
Segregation degrading to the black man
It's not only the problem of South Africans
My attitude towards whites turns sour
We must join hands and get with the black power
Lumumba, Professor X, The Overseer
The Blackwatch is protected by the leader

[ Professor X ]
Vanglorious, protected by the red, the black and the green
With a key

[ Lin Que ]
Buried all my bones in the sands of the Motherland
Our fate in the hands of the white man
This involves more than separation
The white population occupies supremacy
Stripped us of our dignity and our identity
And our humanity, why such insanity?
What kind of world are we livin in?
Jugding one's worth by the color of a skin

[ Professor X ]

Ndodemnyama Mr. Botha
Ndodemnyama South Africa
Ndodemnyama Mr. Botha
Ndodemnyama South Africa