The Real Roxanne
Yo, Kangol
(Yeah what's up girl?)
I'm the real Roxanne and I'll rock your world
(But you're all stuck up)
Well, you say that
'Cause I wouldn't give guys like you no rap?

[Verse 1]
I was walking down the street in the afternoon
I gave you a smile so you assume
That if you said hello, I would be flattered
But I kept on walking and your ego was shattered
I'm Roxanne, the lady devastator
I'll make you feel hotter than it is in Grenada
The R-O-X-A-N-N-E
Roxanne is who I be
And Kangol Kid, ya might be cute
But you ain't gettin' this cause you're much too [?]
You wear that samurai sword on the side
I told all my friends and we all just died
I laughed so hard that my face turned blue
Why be a MC? You should learn kung-fu
And by the way if I'm such a crab
Why all your girls look like scabs?
First you call me a peach
The Doctor wants to take me to the beach
I got a little rhyme for ya each
I've seen your girls, they both need a leash
Such bow wow babies I think they got rabies
You think you're touching me, boy, you must be crazy
You got your nerve to wanna be my man
They call me The Real...
Roxanne, Roxanne
Can't you understand?
Roxanne, Roxanne
I wanna be your man

[Verse 2]
Now Educated Rapper, I'ma give you a fit
'Cause when you tried to talk to me, you was full of shit
You see the truth and the fact is that I don't need you
Your I.Q. is really one point two
I don't like your rap 'cause your rap is dead
Educated Rapper no sense in your head
So when you met me I paid you no mind
Dictionary breath, you're one of a kind
You said your name was Gary
Didn't choose to call you Barry
Didn't care if your name was Mother Mata Hari
I choose to call you sonny because you have a tummy
My father's not a fairy, you're the one who walks so funny
Your nose is always runny
You look like Bugs Bunny
All your raps are old ancient as a mummy
Your house is so scummy
Your clothes are so bummy
But now with your hit record, all I want is your money
Educated Rapper you ain't nothing but a dummy
You try to be chummy all you play's gin rummy
I bet makin' love to you must really be crummy
You say it's customary to give your commentary
I say it's crap, you're full of strawberries
Your rap is so weak and your face is so scary
You always find a rap like yours in any cemetery
So do you know you didn't even pass
All you received was a kick in the ass
That's what you get 'cause I've had enough
Ain't that right Mix Master Ice cream puff?
Roxanne, Roxanne
Roxanne, Roxanne

[Verse 3]
When I heard this record I said who's the producers?
A group named Full Force, a bunch of losers
They're a singin' group so how should they know?
Putting out records with UTFO
I'm what's happening I know that's a fact
So UTFO...bust that!
Since I'm the new girl around the block
The Kangol Kid and especially Doc
Would like to sleep with me if he can
But you're just a boy you're not even a man
The girls know your name, it's getting around
Doctor Ice you're the laugh of the town
You tried to throw a game
But it wasn't working out
You lied about the beach
You took me to your house
I said me the Rox, give up the box
So you could brag about it for the next 6 blocks?
Shee you must be crazy, you're goin' too fast
Doctor I don't know where your hand's been last
You can't fool me 'cause down beneath
You're a hood, a crook, a liar, a thief
I know how you operate from the start
You like to breakdance and you like to break hearts
So listen up 'cause I don't say this every day
Ho girl? Huh, [?]
The only operating that you do
Is ripping off cars in a minute or two
You stole every last Cadillac
Sold it back and kept the hubcaps
You are the one, you thought you had me roped
But you hung yourself with your own stethoscope
You said "oooo" now what the hell was that?
Your voice ran high now it sounds real wack
You call me at 9:00 to arrange a date
I said meet me at the beach and don't be late
(So did you meet him at the beach?)
Hells no, in the middle of December when it's 20 below
I'm the real...
Roxanne, Roxanne
I wanna be your man
Roxanne, Roxanne
And here's our game plan

Where's the beat you guys can't deal it
I need a man who can make me feel it