Chocolate Strawberry
[Produced by The Real Richie Rich]

[Intro - Ad-Lib]
My name is Darryl, but you can call me D, hit it!

Straw, Straw 4x
Strawber, Strawberry!
Strawber, Strawberry!


Early one morning I was driving to the stadium
Well it was just Katie and me
Jazzy Jams and my DJ Silver Spinner
We were gonna take the Mets, the winners of the
World, Series
And that's for real
Darryl Strawberry, was warmin up on the field
The pitcher threw the pitch
And we all stared
As Darryl hit the ball
To Korea somewhere
Man I was stunned
But then again that's why they won
You see Darryl he can hit, with his right and left
We're called Whistle, and Darryl is DEF!
[Hook x2]
Strawber, Strawberry!
Strawber, Strawberry!


Here we go!
Dr. Ice
And the Educated Rapper
Is here
To talk about
A particular type of batter

[Darryl Strawberry]
My name is Darryl
The slugger weighs a ton
He can hit
He can pitch
And even run!
Four years in the major leagues, started at twenty-one
Had nothing, now, has plenty
Hundred home runs
Hundred stolen bases
Hundreds of fans with SMILES ON FACES
Mixmaster, is he the best by far? ...
U.T.F.O., is in the place to be
With Darryl, "but you can call me D"


[Darryl Strawberry]
My name is Darryl, I'm a baseball player
One thing I forgot to say-a
When I'm on the field I'm on top of the world
I get screams from all the girls (Dar-ryl!)
Everybody in the stadium, screams for me
Strike one, strike two, but no strike three
When I'm runnin, all the players make space
I run, I slide, and then I'm safe
"Cause you're DEF!" Yo, I ain't soft
I even get paid on my days off
Grandslammer, "Are you as good as they, say?"
I guess you never came to see me play
Any pitch you throw I control it
Lookin for third bass, yo I stole it, that's right
I took it while you wasn't lookin
So give me your beef, homeboy I'm cookin
I can get loose so don't you try
I graduated from Crenshaw High
You can even ask Eric 'Boogie' E


[The Real Richie Rich]
This is Richie Rich, coming to you live from Shea Stadium
And Darryl Strawberry's up to the plate
It's the wind up, a pitch, a high fly ball to deep center field
And back goes Davis, a-way back, to the warning track, it's gone!
How sweet it is!


[Cutting & Scratching]



[Hook x1]