Thrilla (Blake Baxter remix)
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Come on, uh-huh, yeah, all right
Yo, yo

[Ghostface Killah]
Tonight, I'm feelin' like Michael in Thriller
Drunk as a skunk, catch too much to Killah
Bartender, feel me up, another cup
Everybody have a good time, party, live it up
The dance floor's packed, Staten Island's on the map
We bum rush the club, 'cause we don't know how to act
Look at mommy in back, I see your eyes starin'
Scope me up and down just to see what I'm wearin'
My appearance, heavy on the wrist wit a mean truck
Razor blade, fresh bathed, lookin' clean cut
Boots untied, gats in the ride
Dipped down in Gucci, wit my hat to the side
We can rhyme all night, if the rhyme's all right
Come up in big whips, different cars, all types
I'm out of sight, meet your host, get close
C.E.O., Starks Enterprise, big Ghost

[Chorus 4X: Ghostface Killah]
Only if you say so, please let the breaks go
Turn the bass up real slow, just let your body go
[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, yo we rollin', holdin', my bag up swollen
Heat rush, n***as see us and start foldin'
Let the hoes in, we gon' freak off lovely
Ruby red, gettin' head, air beds buggy
It's about to get ugly, ya'll can't touch me
After ten mill, so the whole world gon' love me
Me Ghost, first, his or her extra large
Platinum credit cards when I splurge
I got the urge, roll up who got the herb
Fat ravioli bags on the Ave. get served
I observe the kid, I deserve to live
Broke his ribs, burst his wig
When the bass come out, you be the first to get
Thirst for this, blacked out and search the crib
Like I told ya'll before, it's the Theodore Unit
From Europe to New York, this is how we do it

[Chorus 4X]
[Interlude: Ghostface Killah]
Come on, uh-huh, yeah
All right, just let your body go

[Chorus 2X]
[Interlude: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, just let your body go
Come on, uh-huh, yeah, all right
Come on, just let your body go
[instrumental break]
[Outro: Ghostface Killah]
Come on, yeah, all right, uh-huh
Yeah, come on, just let your body go
Come on, uh-huh, all right