We the Lifers
When it come to G code we the lifers
Dirty Red

[Verse 1:]
Word on the street I got hoes on the street
Dope on the block four four in the Jeep
Riding through the hood with a package looking good
Souls on the move kill a dog no leash
Chevy with the [?] fully loaded in it
Might do the limit kill a n***a smoking in it
Down bitch got the world tucked in her bra
Living my dreams middle finger to the law
Shakedown life kill or be killed
Never gonna stop, give a fuck how y’all feel
Chick better suck if she get in my car
Champagne life baby girl say ahh!
Winning, play ya cards right when I deal em
Ma secretary got a secretary, Fam then money, the rest secondary
Whole team shooting this the military, shakedown nominated day February
Never been a n***a for the pull a talk
I just get money get work get it off
Call Queen La then we set it off
Gucci bag full of money we don’t get it off
Louis bag full of money we gonna get it off
BX n***as, Queens n***as, dope boy
Love the magazine n***as
Psycho they don’t like us when it come to G-code we the lifers
Yea! when it come to G-code we the lifers
When it come to G-code we the lifers

[Verse 2:]
Word on the street i might zoke you
What a n***a call beef is like To-fu
I hate a n***a thinking that he so cool
Knock the on him high he gonna lose
Get it? Lose win,[yeah] lil homie with me got the tools in
Pull strings in ma crown bull shooting
I’m out here tying up my loose ends
Initiation like a n***a getting goosed in
O.G Bobby Johnson,affiliation with ma n***as more than music
Dirty red got the product Johnson and Johnson
A n***a stay fly in his crimeland, growing up in Brooklyn as a pack fan
Mobbed stabbed, breaking bread with the 5 bands
[? line]
Yeah! yeah poundcake, square pan baked you ain’t round cake
Mind imprisoned by the shit that sound safe
All ma n***as hit the block hard till the ground break
Blocka blocka blocka how the chopper sound
Back home ma n***as don’t come around
Tryna get over get you underground
When you get more what you like you better double down right now
Too real I can’t fuck with these hoe n***as
Hell I can’t fuck wit these hoes neither
I’m in the game and it’s bout to be low season
I’m running this shit for the [?] string
Got a street, got a worker try her out
Test service give a workout
Cook a thousand grams at your old house
Got these pussy n***a selling like a whole house
Hit them with the 1, 2, 3, when they 4 out
Put them with bend elbow that’s a bowed out
No competition in this game it’s a blow out
Shout out to the crew on first street give a blow out, free
O.G KT real n***a from da team
If you a snake n***a get the fuck from round me
You can’t roll with me
Word to the streets i’m a real n***a, real with the type who a real killer
Got a lot a gangsta finna deal with ya, might be a n***a that kill with ya
I let a piece a fucking n***a hit him with the hawk, you soft ass
N***a man u hit him with a fork
Word to the streets lamborghini race off
2014 ran a moment took a loss
Fuck, O.G Bobby Johnson that n***a wasn’t nothin
O.G Ray Ray he get [?] O.G Ray Ray
When it come to G-code we the lifers

[Verse 3:]
Word on the streets we ain’t shake that choppa come out let's shake that
Ridin with red in tha bentley, fuck is these n***as go say now
And a n***a busting on both coast, cat money crazy i go loco
Middle finger out to the po po
Never take stand that’s a no no, screaming O.G Bobby Johnson
Think a n***a out a Compton
But you already know i’m Queens hoe and a n***a ball like kimo
They listen when I talk i’m the keynote forming till they swag in ma ehoes
R.I.P ma n***a Fido real pimping like Nino
Look, I’m a shakedown n***a from the hood
Swag HD-ing 2 house in every hood
Cause I’m G’d up these hoes think I’m good plus
I tell them what it is like a real n***a should
Mind stay celibate I don’t give a fuck
Cause erbody got they hatin ain’t nobody show no love
Started from the bottom couldn’t even hit the club
Now it’s like I grabbed the rope cause every time I’m pulling up
Hold up, shakedown n***as we the lifers
I probly fuck yo bitch but I don’t like her
I kid you not n***a, bet all of these bitches go big as they swallow my minors
Real talk n***a we the realest bitches got the stars on they hands like the stillets
Shakedown shit ain’t nobody looking real a n***a
Say I must be seasoned cause I’m controlling gorillas
Word on the streets i’m a real n***a
Hanging with the killas and the drug dealers
Bottle after bottle I be sipping on that Rose
Shakedown looking like he won the Super Bowl
I be out the city when it’s cold sour peas by the bock [?]
I be having women kissing women wit they [edited] god looking like a Uncle Luke show
Got the Bentley on the strip with the top back
Money on ma mind with a quack back, I remember back when I was broke
Now I’m draggin out racks everywhere I shop at
And I'm shocked at how do you pay em
Though they would be happy for a n***a but they not
I’ve been using hate as motivation cause the soda is for the taking
So am coming for whoever think they hot