Cage The Elephant
[Verse 1]
Woke before the morning sun
I found it tucked beneath the hills
I sat and watched it rise
It hit the sky and burst to flames
The lotus flower's
Got me thinking bout the way that we live
I've got this feeling
It's gonna stop

Driven by religion
Running backwards down a one way road
A course collision, split decision
Trying to save your soul
Manifest Destiny
Is just a fancy word for murder
I've got this feeling
It's gonna stop

A billion faces running round my head
All got opinions but they don't mean shit
Keep dropping bombs until the whole world's dead
They said it's all been done and it's all been said
They'll turn this message into a pop movement
A fashion statement, call it politics
You can mark my words they'll put a spin on it
They say it's all been done
[Verse 2]
Look outside the box my friend
You heart's been dead since who knows when
It seems we've missed the mark
Lost all hope and given in
Pack up the suitcase
Take that handkerchief and wipe off your chin
The fear that drives you
Needs to be stopped


[Verse 3]
Fell into a daze
And found my mind was gone and laid to waste
A battle ground indeed
Where holy wars have taken place
I saw the sun set watched it travel down
And tear through the ground
The hate that drives us
Needs to be stopped