Blackberry Molasses (Remix)
At times, I, consider myself as this
A seed planted in the midst of distant wilderness
Destiny is already pre-planned for me, the process is slow
But eventually I'll grow to be another tree
The lifecycle continues as I rise toward the sky
Frustrated and dehydrated cause the soil is dry
Polluted hidden's what I'll have to remain, I won't complain
I'll just keep waitin patiently, til he give me some rain, but
Behind shades of gray, this is where the sun hides
I anticipate the warmth, that the light provides
So I don't go and branch out, in the wrong direction
And the Elder Tree offers me wisdom for protection
He said, "You see son, if you can learn from a mistake
How can it be one? And other seeds need examples
So be one; and, there's no way out
Cause only living it can show you what I'm talkin bout"

Woke up Sunday morning
Got a little bad news today
They say my life ain't worth livin
And time is slowly tickin away
Don't think that I'm going crazy
Cause stars they running through my head
I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on
Sometimes I'd rather give up instead
Seem like I'm better off dead
Chorus: * varies throughout *

Blackberry molasses, one of the things that never change
You've gotta keep pushin on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heartache and pain

Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we've been through
Don't wanna hear bout your hardship
Cause I've been there myself a time or two
Still life goes on
If you just keep holding on
So many things you'll survive, once you realize
There's no such place as paradise
At least in my eyes



Chorus (repeat to fade)]