3rd Storee
Party Tonight
Uh-oh something's about to happen
3rd Storee yeah
Yo what's up, this is R. L
With my boys 3rd Storee
We about to make you dance with this one
You know what I'm saying
Straight for the clubs
Yab Yum, Mooka Man


Y'all ready, come on

N- Naughty

Let's go

3rd storee what?
This is the song so don't you dare laugh
3rd Storee breaking out on that yes
It's time to have some fun
There's a party around the corner
You can go if you wanna
Stop on by, it's gonna be live
It's on tonight, it's on tonight

1 - It's summertime and you're feeling right
Have you heard there's a house party tonight
You're gonna groove to the treasure light
Everything's going to be alright
Ladies short skirts with your weaves in
Dance a little slow trying to tease them
Players showing out for no reason
Cause it's a party, come on

[Lil' Man]:
Ladies looking so sexy
It's already moving to 'Face and Jon B
"They Don't Know" about this here, party
It's so hot but you don't mind
Cause you're having such a good time
Up the block, around the corner
Apartment 3A, on the 3rd Storee
Repeat 1

Ladies and fellas put your hands together, come on
Everybody put your hands together
3rd Storee sing yeah put your hands together, come on

Yo, yo, what?
I wanna hear you burn, burn, burn, burn
Shake it, shake it party night in the pj's
Women in the denim, no food, drinks and dj
Party for the dinner v-say
Slippin' money on the tummy with a honey pushing replay
On the 3rd Storee in your city
Nineteen Naughty Nine, commit flows, will make y'all feel me, really
The average dummy taking territory with 3rd Storee, all glory
You know my little Naughty shortys

Repeat 1 till end of song with R. L.'s ad-libs

R.L. told y'all, y'all was going to dance
Yab Yum come on uh
We want to thank the dj's and the pushers
Who requested this song right now
And the dj's in the club
All the people bouncing in the clubs
Yo bounce with me uh uh like that
Yeah bounce with me uh uh
Uh-huh yeah bounce, bounce, bounce
That's right it's P Smooth, K.J., Jay-R, Lil' Man, Naughty, N-Naughty
Come on, uh ya feel that don't you
Keep dancing too close
Alright man I'm out of here
I got to dance