Styles of Beyond
Dunky Fividends
[Woman]: What's up?
[M]: Why you gotta tell Sophie D everything about us?
[W]: Because, I just needed somebody to talk to
[M]: But you tryin' to make it seem like I started it dummy
[W]: I just told the story the way it went
[M]: Lasagna
[W]: What?!
[M]: Look, since you seem to be forgettin', I'mma tell you how it started from the beginning
[W]: Whatever

[Verse One] [Ryu]:
Cruisin' down the ave with my homeboy Tak
Sippin' on a tall can, layin' low from the cops
The greatest man alive is cold rollin' my G
Down Reseda like a G when I saw this fresh fly freak
Hold up, I can't go out like a b*t*h
Ayo, I had to conjure up a cool way to spit
They call me Ryu
The overlord of pimps
So put away the sidekick b*t*h, hop in the backseat
My confidence
Came through in the clutch
She started to blush
And right then I knew I could f**k
Called the next morning and said, "What do it be?"
I'mma go and get drunk with Vin Skully and Cheap
She said, "Peace"
So I went and got the slimmy
And as soon as she walked in the door she ordered Henny
I was like, "Cool", I ain't payin' so forget it
Better hope that the Scotland Yard accepts debit
But after a couple hours gettin' drunk with my friends
She did the dummy move
Started askin' for my dividends
[Verse Two] [Tak]:
Come around the corner lookin' funky fresh
This dude Jack Daniels got my mind in a mess
Straight trippin'
Cause I don't like Miller Lite
I kindly threw it to the side and said, "Yo, take a hike."
Cause I don't need to hurl
Too many problems when you hurl
I boo boo on your head with your jheri curl
They gave me Heineken and Michelob, I said "No way
Yo son, what do you think this is Sober Man's Day?"
People start buggin' off the beer on tap dummy
You know the time, so don't get funny with my money
I refuse to abuse my cravings and loans
So I hit up my friends, snatch my roller blades and I'm gone
Now I said it once before and I'mma say it again
Best believe I won't be spendin' no dividends

[Man]: Lasagna. Um, don't you think it's about time you go get me some money?
[Woman]: What?! When I was with Apathy I had it all. Mood rings, squirrel furs, Lane Bryant...milk. I thought the Demigodz were different. You ain't givin' me nothin'!

[Verse Three] [Apathy]:
It's a shame now a days you got to stay paid
It ain't like back in the day when you could get laid
Just chillin' with a b*t*h even when her mom's home
In the bedroom, secretly gettin' some dome
But this MySpace generation, got 'em all confident
Instead of one, they gettin' 10,000 compliments
It's bound to kill you when you read what they write
Got 'em thinkin' that they're models on this f**kin' website
Every trendy new style, she always gotta rock it
Like a pimp, even extract the lint from your pocket
And when you try to f**k all her friends c*ck block it
You really want to pop it but her girlfriends spot it
Material hoes, parents probably bought her a Benz
Never driven, given a million dividends
[Woman]: Why you lookin' at me like that?
[Man]: How you know I'm lookin' at you unless you lookin' at me? Fix your face b*t*h
[W]: Ughh!
[M]: Ughh is right. Whoever smelt it dealt it
[W]: F**k you
[M]: You better light a vanilla candle. You no drink buyin', .39 cent taco eatin', 200 pound strip aerobic teachin', XXL rasta Bart Simpson shirt rockin', no cat box cleanin' skeezer
[W]: Oh no you didn't you House Of Pain impersonatin', cubic zirconian, Machine Shop wearin', Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkin', can't hold a job cause you smoke to much cigarettes, deadbeat motherf**ker
[M]: Yeah, aiight
[W]: Oh yeah and your momma got two wings on her left nipple
[M]: cake on the Atkins Diet? I didn't think so. I'm out