Styles of Beyond
Call My Name
Don't be afraid to call my name {x4}
Step up, step up

[Verse One] [Ryu]:
Okay, the west back, yeah the proof is us
I got a rag on my head cause the roof is up
The R-Y-U, comin' with the stupid stuff
I got her foamin' at the mouth like a loofah sponge
I don't claim no set yet I'm a threat to riders
And I got a few tecs in the L.A. riots
Yeah I'm L.A.'s finest, serve and protect
The street from wack sh*t, I deserve respect
On the sneak tip, I came in the game to slay them
I had the world singin' 2K4 verbatim
Brave and dumb
818's favorite son
Disintegrate them like my tongue was a laser gun
Yeah yeah
Backpack rapper I guess
But I wear it in the front like a suicide vest
If hip hop is dead how do you define death?
Only way it ever died is if Tak and I left
So what a dude gotta do to prove his sickness?
In a world full of bougie dip sh*ts
I cooly reach for the uzi, lift it
Click the tooly back and blow brains to a gooey liquid
Don't be afraid to call my name

[Verse Two] [Tak]:
I started off, fresh off the head
Then I wrote songs and left y'all for dead
Now I got a plot, time to cook this omelet
And knock it out the box like the Brooklyn Dodgers
Do your dance, the beats are grizzly
I'm chewing through your camp like a piece of Wrigleys
Man for the fight, I'm destroying your name chump
Your man on the mic is more annoying than James Blunt (Beautiful)
So ring around the phoney
You're kicked in the lip with a brown Saucony
Upchuck your billy bang bang get off me
Please, your body looks like a scene from Saw 3
Yeah, I'm whiskey sippin'
Risky business, killin' Dixie Chickens
Therapeutic sicks, have a disposition
A Garbage Pail Kid still in mint condition
Slow it down, they're holding me hostage
Cause when I go to town, man I'm totally awesome
Shots to my people in Galats so stand on by, back
Choppin' like I'm Afro Samurai
Don't be afraid to call my name