My Forever Love
[Verse 1: Sean Levert, Levert]
Do you remember playing on the swings?
Doing silly things that lovers do
Nothing else mattered but me and you
We'll be together for eternity, just you and me
(I remember all those times)
We spent in each other's arms
(Why can't we try to do it all again?)
And do you remember long talks on the phone?
We couldn't wait to be alone
And all the things we wrote were all so strong
And we'll never part, you hold the key to my heart
(I remember times of yesterday)
Why did they have to go away?
(Why can't we try to do it all again?)

[Pre-Chorus: Marc Gordon]
Memories of such happiness
And those times were the best
I love you, it's true
Won't you be my

[Chorus: Levert]
My forever love
The only love I know, I'll never let you go, no
My forever love
Forever you will be a special part of me
[Verse 2: Gerald Levert, Levert]
Since we're together now
This empty space in my heart has been filled
Without you I don't think that I could deal
I'm head over heels in love with you, it's true
(I remember times we shared)
Girl, don't go nowhere
(Why can't we try to do it all again?)
Let's try to do it all again
Say you'll be mine, be mine forever
Always together
In love, in love
Please be mine, please be my

[Chorus: Gerald Levert, Levert]
(My forever love)
The only love I know
I'll never, never, never, never, never let you go
(My forever love) My forever love
Forever you will be
A special, special, special part of me, baby

[Outro: Gerald Levert, Levert]
And I will love you, baby, I will love you, baby, yeah, yeah
(My forever love)
You're the only love, the only love I need, I need, baby
Say you'll be here, be here for me
(My forever love)
I want you to be the only one I run to